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Is it normal

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O.M.G. hope I lose something like that - I'm in my first week and get weighed this Monday - cooked steak and onions with new pots for hubby and could stab him cos it smell delicious!! (Bit extreme I know). Found the first couple of days easy but am struggling now and wondering how long I can keep this up? Help...


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I am also on my first week, I started on Tuesday, I feel hungry too....not starving, just hungry. Not sure if its in my head though.....I really fancy something yummy to eat!

I am making do with soda water in a wine glass and I will have my soup later!

How are you finding it generally? Do you like all of the flavours?
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i'm not sure what everyone one else will say, but i'm into my 2nd week......get weighed on monday and yes i still get hunger thoughts....not hunger pangs, more like when i would normally eat i crave the food.........but having my shakes helps......
example didn't feel hungry until 11ish today, but when it was about 3pm and i was watching others eat while we were out, i had to remove myself from the situation until it passed
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Respect to you for managing the soup - I couldn't re-enter the kitchen for the smell after I made it - yuk. Have found the three shake flavours ok and luv the vanilla one with a spoon of coffee in it. Yum yum - must go and have one soon.


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I like putting strong peppermint tea in sparkling water, it even looks like wine!! I also love horliks, so the vanilla shake hot with around 400mls of water and a sweetener has a similar taste. You could put hot peppermint leaf tea in the hot chocolate to make it a hot mint-chocolate. I also sometimes put coffee in a hot vanilla and treat myself to a latte!!

Hope these suggestions add a bit of variation for you, I feel better and less hungry after i've had a sparkling mint tea x

Good luck


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Really? I thought it smelt quite nice!! I like all the flavours so far. Drinking the water is a struggle though!
Thankyou so much replying so quickly, i like the choc and strawberry shakes but that is it , i sent the family for a carvery thid afternoon while i was at work and told em to fill there boots lol weekend is the worst for me , i have 4 stone to lose but not sure how long i can do ths for , im giving it my best shot like the rest of you , but its hard i have been shopping with my daughter tonight and just thought i will get in that and that and that in normal shops it has helped the will power so fingers crossed roll on monday its easier through the week for me x
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I know - I've never been to the loo as much and I carry a bottle of water around with me like a security blanket - makes a change though - used to carry a bar of choc around with me for comfort and therin lies the problem me thinks!!!


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I was hungry for the first too weeks. My advice would be drink lots of water and have some early nights. It does get easier, honest. The first week was really tough, but now I actually find it really easy. I'm in to a routine now and 30+ lbs lighter than when I started 9 weeks ago. Stick with it girls, this is the best diet ever :)


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i am in day 3, and right now having a real struggle and have had all day. i dont think it hunger its the habit i am craving. it seems like EVERYONE is talking about food, i just wanna run away. mum said how proud she was of me, and that gave me just the little bit of encouragement i needed to get through the day. hubby just had his dinner, so i made my vanilla coffee sat next to my comp and logged on here, i feel better already. gonna watch BGT then have a soak in the bath. then onto day 4.

good luck girls you are all doing great, keep up the good work.
I found myself quite hungry in the first week, and then it passed until day 16 + day 17, I could have eaten everything in sight, but it did pass again. Just bear with it, things will get better.


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I knew the first weekend would be tough as I am used to having something nice to eat along with lots of wine, but I am determined to stick to it....the nice food and wine will still be there when I have finished LT although I won't indulge like I did before!

I really, really want this to work:)
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Thats what I keep telling myself - there will be life after - I will hopefully just eat a bit less than the huge portions I had before. Do miss my sat night chinese takeaway though!


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Hi, I am on my second week and still have a rumbly tumbly. Looking forward to having my soup. I lost 7 lbs so its made me more determined. But i work in food three days a week so they are very difficult. Stick at it x
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Does anyone else miss chewing or is that just me?? Obviously miss the really full up feeling and taste of things especially anything with garlic but find it strange that I miss chewing...


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S: 16st7lb C: 13st9lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 2st12lb(17.32%)
I miss chewing too!!! My jaw aches from lack of use!

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