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Is it ok to switch between green/EE/Original midway through the day?

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Hi -

Another quick question - I'm a member online and therefore using the food diary online. I've noticed a couple of times that I can sort of juggle between the plans to eat "more" or have less syns. So for example today I started on EE - had scrambled egg, half a snap pot of reduced sugar beans and one wholemeal toast. THen had a soup for lunch with a red onion quorn burger - both free on all plans. I also had some garlic dressing (1syn) and a posh yogurt (3.5syns).
Then tonight I had chicken fajitas (minus the tortilla) which was all free on original and EE except that I had 42g reduced fat cheddar on top.

I've also had three fruit items!

Now - here's what I'm confused about! On EE I'm only allowed one HEX A and B so I used those on milk in my tea all day and the bread for brekkie. So now on EE I would not have to syn the beans but would then have to syn the cheese (7syns) taking me to 11.5.

However if I switch to Original, I can use the cheese as a 2nd HEX and just syn the beans which would only be 2 syns and therefore take me to only 5.5syns and leave me some left for a skinny cow ice lolly!!!

Sorry this is long-winded but is it ok to do that?? Even though it seems to mean I am eating more?

I find this part a little confusing!
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I agree it can be confusing - I sometimes switch if it turns out that I end up eating veggie all day because that means I can have 4 Hex and not just 2 on EE. It is more difficult to switch back to EE part way through the day because of the 1/3 superfree rule, but if you have eaten your superfree you should be OK.

I think what you are suggesting works - maximise those syns!!
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Hi! You can change between the three plans as often as you like but you have to have a night's sleep in between, so you can't start the day on EE and have a Red tea with your extra HEXs. I just stick to EE as I would find it difficult to syn things that are free on EE. Hope this helps. X
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In my opinion this is fine, slimming world is designed to be adjustable, you can follow whichever day plan you like, I sometimes change my mind mid way through the day and cheese is often the decider! Just remember if your switching to original to have your two healthy extra b choices :)


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I remember my group leader saying the same as Goricki, that you could swap and change throughout the week but not throughout the day and that each plan should be stuck to until the next day.


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It is absolutely fine to switch from one plan to another during a day as long as what you eat falls within the "rules" of both plans or you count syns\HES accordingly

I think the consultants who say not to, do so to stop people getting confused.

Years ago before EE they used to suggest staying neutral (eating things that were free on both plans) and then choosing red\green later in the day if you were not sure what plan would be best that day - this is just the same thing really. The only problem I can see is going to EE from another plan but not having eaten the superfree but if it is not a regular thing and you are eating lots of superfree then it will be fine
If what you have eaten over the day fits into a s.world plan wether it extra easy or green or red then you haven't changed plans in a day, even if you have changed from the plan you intended to do.
If it suits you to mix your days then I can't see why this would be a problem as long as you are following the guideline of whichever plan you decide on if this makes sense?
S: 14st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 0st9lb(4.39%)
Thanks for all your replies :) I mainly eat superfree foods anyway so hopefully as long as I eat superfree (and eggs, and quorn) and only one HEX A and B in the morning then I can fit into any plan for the evening :)

I weighed today and seem to be losing the christmas weight steadily so it's working!


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If what you have eaten over the day fits into a s.world plan wether it extra easy or green or red then you haven't changed plans in a day, even if you have changed from the plan you intended to do.
Absolutely agree! Your body doesn't know what plan you are following lol so as long as the foods you have eaten fit into one of the plans, that's fine, you can call it whatever day you want!!!!
I often start the day thinking I'm on one plan and change half way through as long as the foods I've already eaten are neutral to all plans then that's ok.


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What you've done is absolutely ok! I alway fruit and yog for breakie and some a superfree veg soup so will be neutral and left to chose what I "fancy" for my tea! Have you heard of "mix to max"? Consultants don't talk about it anymore since EE came on the scene do a search tho I'm sure it's on here! X
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The SW plan is basically designed to train you to eat healthily by increasing your intake of fruit and veg and reducing the fat in other things. It is very rare that I ever stick to one plan or another and stay within my syns but I have gained once in 4 months and have lost 2 stone just because my diet has improved. I believe that as long as you follow it roughly and are happy with your rate of weight loss then you have nothing to worry about it. If your weight loss slows down or you want to lose weight faster then it is time to start looking at the details.

Well done on losing some Christmas weight so far. Good luck with the rest!

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