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Extra Easy IS IT OK TO USE......?

Is it ok to use Couscous instead of breadcrumbs OR is there a rule against couscous being used in this way....
Today I made the synfree KFC recipe but instead of bread I sprinkled out dry couscous which I used instead.
Result - nice crunchy outer.... is this ok as now thinking of using it maybe to make scotch eggs, or in any other recipes which require breadcrumbs to save the HEB - is this ok?

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Hmm, cue a big debate now!!
I would say no because I like things to be "real" as in I'd use breadcrumbs and syn them or use a B choice.
It's one of those things, if you do it and continue to lose weight then fine, but if not then cut it out.


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I too would say no. It was eventually decided that it's ok to use couscous in a cake, as you're still using it as intended - ie adding water to it. However, using it dry as 'breadcrumbs' isn't the way it's meant to be eaten. (Bet it was nice though!)


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technically no because you are not using them the way they are intended to be used i.e. mixed with water but I agree with jaylou, if it is not affecting your losses then carry on, if you think it is then stop.
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Dont get it.."not using it the way its meant to be used" it like saying I cant count eating melon if I eat it upside down! its the same product what ever surely???
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I think it becomes a problem when you use a large quantity, and you dont appreciate how much you have eaten. For example, say you use a bowlfull fo couscous as breadcrumbs. Your mind and mouth probably wont be aware of how much couscous you have eaten, yet if you sat with a bowl of couscous you would be very aware of how much you had eaten, and would feel fuller and more satisfied.

Does that make sense?


Alomst there :)
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Dont get it.."not using it the way its meant to be used" it like saying I cant count eating melon if I eat it upside down! its the same product what ever surely???
Nope not at all.... when it's cooked it's full of water which makes it more filling and less calorific... dry cous cous is much less filling and would be higher in calories because it doessn't have the water to bulk it out.

You'd be fine with eating melon upside doen though ;)


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I have made the couscous as intended and then rolled my chicken in it before baking it.....try to have a lot of superfree foods to go with it and maybe a small jacket potato (but limit the other carbs) I think you have to be sensible when doing these things....I have stopped making couscous cake cos I could eat the whole thing extra to normal meals as I have a really sweet tooth.... :)
Thanks for the advice everyone - yes it was nice - even passed a test on my Dad who can be very unadventurous...... wish I'd read your replies earlier though - had some of the gloop left over so bought some chicken portions and couscoused them this afternoon. Oh well - will know for future and if my losses get affected will omit completely.
Thanks again
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after weeks of being all 'sw can shuv their new stupid rules' after a long chat with my C, i can see now that all they'r trying to do is encorouge snacking to be as much free and superfree food as possible, rather than using hearty foods you'd usually have as part of or as a whole main meal, as you could esentially be eating 4,5 or even 6 'main meals' essentially a day, and although we dont count calories, those of us who are less active, or who have so little to loose, this COULD be quite detremental.. should you find you can get away with it, id ride it untill you have to stop personally! lol get away with it while you can lol.

- but, even our original sw books do state that anything being used as a 'flour' substitute has to be synned even if its originally a 'free' food. Such like cous cous cake..

Using the word *food abuse* on the other hand though, is rediculous! LOL

OK - thanks for the tip...... I like the sound of "Get away with it while you can" LOL.... I do have A LOT still to lose so now and again I will chance my luck - it isn't like I'll be having it as snacks every day.... should I slow right down with losses then will omit completely. Bit really like the 15 syns debate isn't it - a lot can have 15 daily and lose but then when plateau-ing they need to reduce or tweak things a bit. The way I see it - now and again isn't the end of the world, it MUST be better than going out and buying say KFC etc... thanks for the tips - will bear it all in mind.

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I made the KFC chicken using made up couscous, ie with added liquid as per instructions. The result was a great success at a group food taster, my consultant confirmed that as couscous was made up it could be used as a replacement for the breadcrumbs and therefore making the chicken totally free.


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