is it ok.....

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Lou_Lou, 12 February 2007 Social URL.

  1. Lou_Lou

    Lou_Lou Well-Known Member

    .... to have an add a meel week?

    my CDC hasn't told me.

    :( im feeling sad as I haven't lost any weight :(
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  3. kati

    kati Well-Known Member

    you shuld have it in your 5th week of cd, is that what youre on?
  4. Nick

    Nick Need help

    How long have you been on sole source? :)
  5. Lou_Lou

    Lou_Lou Well-Known Member

    I started on the Tues 17th Jan
  6. beaubride

    beaubride Well-Known Member

    I am sorry I can't help with the query about whether you can have an "add a meal week" but i am sure others on the site will help.

    Please dont feel sad about not loosing any weight i am sure there is a logical explination that the others will be able to help with.

    Just focus on all the weight you have lost already!!! over a stone!!!!! Thats amazing:):):):):):)

    Just focus on getting back on track, it may be totm or something

    Chin up!!!! <<<hug>>>
  7. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Talk to yuor CDC about it.Youarejust starting week 5,which should be AAM unless you have agreed it with CDC & GP.
    Either way don't panic.If youhaven't cheated the weight loss will be in there, just waiting for a shift in fluid balance to show on the scales.Are you pre-menstrual ? that can cause up to 7lb fluid retention in some people.
  8. Lou_Lou

    Lou_Lou Well-Known Member

    im just finishin my periods (hopefully)

    thanks, but im having my AAM week now :)

    feeling much better :D
  9. jane

    jane Opinionated

    Oh good,glad that you're more cheerful now
  10. bunnycd

    bunnycd Well-Known Member

    Chin up and think of all the weight you have lost so far (over 1 stone in a month) keep going :eek:
  11. EmMUK

    EmMUK Trying Hard!

    great that aam is going well, I bet the inches are reducing even if the scales stay the same one week

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