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Is it okay to eat all three one a days in one day?

If I had say 1 CD bar, 1 mousse mix and the daily requirement of the water flavour all in one day, will it slow down weight loss? I did this without thinking today and now am a bit worried.... I dont know if we could have any of them once a day or only one of them once a day....Any advice? Thanks!
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is going to loose!
I think this is okay?

as you have had 2 products but the water is not counted as a actual meal replacement so you will need to have another as you have only had 66% of the vitamins you need today!


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i do this every day anyway!!
i have a bar for breaky then a soup or shake for dinner and then a moouse for tea! and i HAVE to have the water flavourings in water as i HATE water!!! so i have 2 teaspoons of flavourings a day a bar and mix a moouse and i have been fine


I will get into that wedding dress!
personally i think it really depends on what works for you like i said i have all three (and more) a day and ive lost over 3 stone in a matter of weeks (and im abit rubbish at sticking to it!!)
so find what works for you and follow that
hi emmie,

was just wondering what you mean when you say rubbish at sticking to it? cos im the same but youve lost loads more.

mel xxx


I will get into that wedding dress!
i cant stick to SS i did for the weeks but the less unhappy i got the more i cheated! i tend to be ok during the day (well apart from picking at the kids tea) then my hubby gets home and i end up saying oohh ok ill have something!! i tend to do maybe 4 days out of the 7 on SS so am still losing all be it abit slower now!!!! but hay its working im only 6lbs of target of 9st7lbs from obver 13stone!!
just do what feels right for you!!!


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hey emmie sorry i took a while to get back to you,

well youve done great, i do ok for a few days but saying that i have a cheese omelette every day, i know it wont do much harm cos very low in carbs but heigh in fat, but that gets me through the day so i dont feel guilty about it, you must feel fab being so close to goal. good luck xxx