Is it possible to be a CDC without driving


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Not that I believe I have the skills to be a CDC but just in case I think I might in the future do you think this is possible?
I am a CDC and don't drive out to people as they all come to me because of the kids being in bed.

A) I think you'd be a brillo CDC
B) I can drive but people come to me as it's more time effective and it's easier to weigh and counsel them from my office
C) It's greener than using all that petrol hahahahahhaha
I think you've done so well to lose so much weight...obviously been through a lot at the same time. I'm sure the people who make the best cdc's are ones who have lost tonnes of weight themselves...I can tell you what you can afford, but I'm sure from reading your other threads that you defo have the qualities!!
You could chat to cdc about it, they need to recommend you, who is yours i'm near you ?
Hi Bellybee

I am in the same position as you as I don't drive and I want to become a counsellor in the future.

I think how people see things is that if they want to do the diet desperately enough they will travel to see you.

I have my CD stuff from a CDC in Leicestershire and pick them up once a month.

Good luck to you and go for it girlie!!!!

Hi! I'm a CDC, I can drive but I don't have a car.

I'm a student too as well so you can imagine money is tight and I only have my little itty bittie 1 bedroom flat! I use my living room and only run 1-2-1 sessions cause I don't have the space for groups! I have a desk, a chair for me and a chair for my clients. Half them sit on the sofa so you might not even need another chair!

I got myself a credit card (0% of course) specifically for Cambridge stuff and another bank account and am paying off that credit card as we speak! I have about £600 on it at the mo and its less than £20 a month to start paying it off and I'll have cleared it and be in profit by the time the 0% runs out.

It is totally do-able! have faith in yourself and if you can pass on the enthusiasm you are for yourself losing weight to other people then you will be a great CDC!!

Nicole xx
I would absolutely love to become a CDC! Part of my motivation for trying the Cambridge diet at the time was that I didn't feel emotionally or physically capable of getting and holding done a job, particularly one with hours I could fit around my family. I had been a stay home mum for 10 years and my self confidence had been really eroded. I really wanted a job helping others as this would give me a feeling of self worth. I have now lost most of the weight and feel great my confidence grew immediately just with the feeling of taking control of my body and my eating. I lost that feeling of anxiousness by ridding myself of my caffeine and carb addiction. I am ready to go out and get a late night or flexi hour job in the care field probably working with people with learning difficulties. However, the idea of being able to help others as a CDC where I can 100% relate to their experiences and share my experience and enthusiasm with them is very very attractive.

However, I think it may not be possible, my CDC only lives a couple of streets away and so why would he want to sponser me? Also I believe that you receive training from them and although I like him very much and respect his vast experience with CD he doesn't follow the current CD methods that I have now learnt from you guys and if I was going to do this I would want to do it 100% by current rules and regulations so I would prefer to receive my training from someone who felt the same.

I'd be interested in any comments re the training methods. Do you always train up anyone who is interested or must they be in a location where there are shortages etc?

I haven't really considered this for long as I thought you probably needed to have maintained the loss for a certain length of time.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has taken the time to read this. I hadn't planned to go on for quite so long!
Hey Dizzy - it doesn't matter if your CDC lived next door to you - you would still have a different set of clients as most of them come to you through word of mouth (although the website helps).

The training is standard for all new applicants - the older CDCs should all have had a refresher day by now, so he should be doing what the rest of us do!

He will have no objection to sponsoring you (he would get a certain percentage of your orders from the company!) plus it is company policy to encourage clients to become CDCs. If he does get a bit funny, then go direct to head office and they will help you out.

You will need to fill in an application form, with a BMI of 28 or below and at least 2 weeks' experience of CD. If that's successful, then you'll get a brief telephone interview and an invitation to one fof the bi-monthly training days, usually held in Birmingham or Corby (altho I think there were some in Blackpool recently??). The day is free - you pay 75 quid for a business kit at the evaluation stage. CD have lots of financial incentives to help newbie CDCs to get up and running - they're really very helpful and lovely people!

I say, go for it!
Isobel - thanks for going through it :) I'm also 'partly' interested.. but not sure how it would run with fostering and the kids etc.

What happens about tax? are you technically self employed?
Thanks again.
Mine is ray I might mention it after xmas when I am closer to the BMI 28.

Mine was ray when on cd and i'm sure he would put you forward to be cdc and i dont think many cdc's deliver.
Isobel - thanks for going through it :) I'm also 'partly' interested.. but not sure how it would run with fostering and the kids etc.

What happens about tax? are you technically self employed?
Thanks again.

You are self-employed - you're running your own business, not employed by CD. You get training on setting up your biz on the training day