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Is it possible to be SS 100% and do it wrong?


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
I know that probably sounds like a really random thing to ask, but I am day 17 of 100% SS, drinking 4 litres of water a day, and my scales haven't moved since weigh in day on Monday. In fact, my Wii fit suggested that I had PUT ON 1lb!! I mean, how on earth can I put on a pound when nothing is going in?
I am deffo in Ketosis, although I must admit I have had some tummy grumbles the past couple of days, however, these are easily quelled with some good old water!
I just can't understand any of it :(

I have a few friends doing the diet, all have less weight than me to lose, some who cheat and nibble and drink alcohol, yet they seem to be losing more than me. And I can't even say I am losing loads of inches, cos frankly, I'm not!!

Any wise words?
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ohhh dont worry it must be just water


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wait until you get weighed by your cdc honey. if you are doing it right then it can't fail. your body might be preparing for a sudden whoosh. wait until you get your official results!!


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
Thanks for your replies. I hope you're right *sigh*.
You are probably in a plateau the body is still burning fat but holding onto fluid for a few days.

Sometimes when exercising you weightloss can stall as the body protects muscles by holding water around them this could be another reason.


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Hi yeah ive had the same problem ,iim now on day 15 and ahvent lost any weight (accordin to my scales ) in 6 days!!! im drinking lots of water and my scales also showed that i gained 2 pounds, what can i do. am i really not loosin any weight??


This is the last time!!
G: 12st7lb
I have to say, I was thrilled to be able to get my engagement ring on yesterday, it was perfect, however, had to take it off again today as it felt really tight so I guess I am a walking, wobbling mass of water retention!
I have not cheated at all for 3 weeks but got a little concerned as two days ago my stomach started making rubmbling noises. Now mentally I was not hungry but is it normal to have a growling tummy?

Fine today but it just worried me a little.


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it will go hon, no worries. i'm a bit worried about mine as i got it when i was at my heaviest and it's getting decidedly loose... only want to get it resized once though so might end up with it around my neck on a string!!

abz xx


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Lol Abz I have the same prob!! Mine was bought as tight on a warm day and when my hands are warm now its already a bit loose. Plan to get it resized while we are on holiday in Sept when I will hopefully be at goal! xxx


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Make sure you do it first thing, ive been as much as 3lbs lighter in the morning than I was the night before. Try and get out of the habit of checking the scales too often, can be disheartening if you dont see movement.

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