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Is it possible to lose 1 stone a month on SW (on a VLCD and considering a move to SW)

Hi guys, just like it says on the tittle, is it possible, and I suppose usual/likekly that a person can lose a stone a month on SW if followed to the letter.

Im curently on a VLCD (exante) and for some reasons I wont bore you with, im considering SW.

However I want (doesn't everyone) and need fast results as im so massive right now, check out my stats on the side.

Also 3 or so years ago I did a combo of lighterlife and cambridge and lost over 7stones in a short time so used to fast results otherwise i do lose interest.

Your answers would be appreciated.
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I have a few friends who were loosing 3-4lbs a week so yes I suppose it can be done but everyone is different, some weeks I loose 1lb the next week I could loose 3 it just depends on how strict I have been :)
SW is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. You will lose weight at a steady pace whilst learning how to eat healthier foods, teaching you how to sustain that weightloss!

I see little value in losing weight quickly then resuming the crap diet that got me fat in the first place.


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Agree with Shirleen, I personally think that the longer it takes to lose it the easier it is to keep off. I think it makes you makes you appreciate it sooooo much more and you are less likely to go on a massive long binge and pile the weight back on again

Slimming world really doesnt feel like a diet simply because you don't feel deprived x


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Well you started at the same weight as me so lets not go down the massive route!! ;)

Realistically, no you won't lose 1 stone a month on SW. Nor would SW want you to lose 1 stone a month. It's unhealthy, unsustainable and unrealistic.

SW isn't about fast results, it's about changing a lifetime worth of habits.

If you want fast results the only way you'll get them is on the kind of diet your already doing, every other slimming club advertises 1-2lbs a week. Which will be anything from 4-8lbs a month.

vanilla_cupcake & Stackhead

Thank you very much for answering my specific questions, very helpful.
It's not impossible, but if you're not managing it for whatever reason on a VLCD you will not manage it on SW. It's not about short term fast losses but long term sustainable weight loss.
I lost a stone in a month on SW. xx


Slow and steady...
I wasn't referring to the first month of SW when a lot of people lose a stone or more. I was referring to losing a stone a month EVERY month.

Which just doesn't happen on SW.... (my legal brain comes out and tells me to put 'that often' in just to cover my back).


I lost 6 stone in about 6 months the first time around, then had a breakdown and put it all back and more.

This time I am managing an average of just over 2lb a week and hoping this is it, I can do this for life now. No more hanging up on minutiae or stressing about the odd pound or two or not eating on WI day or taking off my 1 oz jumper or any of that ridiculous malarkey. I am now just learning to enjoy eating properly. :)
chun-ky said:
I lost a stone in a month on SW. xx
You lost a stone in a month that's different to a stone a month that the op is asking

You can't expect fast losses on a diet like SW you only get them on a VLCD. If you want to steadily lose a stone a month then you need to stick with a VLCD. If you move to a diet like sw you can expect around half a stone a month

If big losses were doable on a diet like sw believe me none of us would be doing a VLCD that's for sure
Well I know someone from my old group who lost an average of 11 lbs a month on SW. I know it is not true of everyone but it does happen, and she was only following the plan to the letter, not doing anything out of the ordinary.
You lost a stone in a month that's different to a stone a month that the op is asking
I am 2lb away from my second stone, (official weigh in tomorrow, though this morning i had lost that 2lb :D ) it is just over two months since i began slimming world!
It really is impossible for anyone to predict someones rate of weight loss! Regardless of the diet as everyone is different. And i was simply stating that i had infact lost a stone in a month! I have done slim fast in the past, was starving hungry ALL the time, and i have infact lost weight at the same speed as i did back then. Also with near enough the same starting weight. I understand that slimming world dont want/advise that you lose more than 1-2lb a week, but sometimes it happens :D
2 stones in 10 weeks is great but thats definitely the exception to the rule and on a diet like this you may not sustain that kind of loss every month.

I know there are some exceptions but I think anyone going into a diet like SW aiming for losses like that is setting themselves up for a massive fall. Far better being realistic and assuming youll be a 'normal' SW loser and lose half a stone or so a month and take anything else as a bonus. Realistically a stone a month every month isnt going to happen to many people unless perhaps theyre a very overweight male.

People are just never happy with the losses they can expect on their particular diet. Someone posted last week on a VLCD forum that they were aiming for 7 stones by Xmas - completely unrealistic.
I lost a stone over 4 weeks recently, so it is possible. However, I was sticking to the plan very closely and my activity levels were high. Saying that, last week I lost a lb doing exactly the same.

Shirleen was bang on the money though when she said SW was a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.
hi i have just lost 27.5 lbs in 6 weeks following the red and green days and i started at 250lbs so it can be done although it will slow down now
My friend has just got to target, she lost 9 stone in 9 months! Yes absolutely true. She is a size 10 now. I know that her case is an exception, but she did a shed load of body magic together with being strictly on plan all the time to get there. Something that I think most would not be able to manage for that long. I am so thrilled for her she looks amazing :)
I have lost 3 stone 9.5lbs in just 15 weeks, I have had 2 4/5 day holidays in that time (1 of which was Disneyland Paris junk food central!). Since week 2 or 3 I have been going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, I haven't been for just over a week due to hol & now I am ill.

I am so impressed with the rate my weight is coming off, it is better than I expected but I also expect it to slow down before too long.
I've lost 2.5 stone in 7 weeks I've certainly not been starving myself I've stuck to plan done ee and had my hea & he everyday day had some syns everyday averaging around 6 a day but just not had any days off plan as I've not felt the need to . I expect it will slow down at some point I'm a very busy & active mum of 5 so I expect that's why I've lost so much so quick no other explanation I promise I'm not doing anything wrong .


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I started the last week of April and at my weigh in last night I had lost 3st 11.5lbs, almost 1st per month! Never ate so much food!

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