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is it possible?

that i am not having enough carbs?

I have 100g of lettuce, 56g of cucumber and 100g of another veg such as spring greens.

This roughly equates to 5/6g of carbs?

help me, is this why i am stalling? i was actually counting them at the start and the weight was falling ( i know its water etc) but i think my greens portions have fallen a bit

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couldnt tell you hun, i dont weigh anything ...

have you cheated at all?
something must be stalling you then, chese stalls some people, do you eat a lot of that?

its going to have to be trial and error, 1 week dont eat cheese, see if there is a loss....then move onto the next thing....
ive just literally, this minute bought the book....gimme a week and ill give you the answers lol
lol i have the book, but it states that we should have no more than 340g (or something like that) of salad greens per day but what i eat of that amount of salad - would be no where near 12g

So what equates to 3 cups of salad in weight Linz? Still not got my book :mad: It better come today or I'm gonna buy one!
i am in week 3 now and i have weighed the same since the end of my 1st week.
i suddendy relised that the more i go in to this site the more foods and snacks i can have so now week 3 my cupboards are full of allowed snacks on the atkins!
i am cutting back again on snacks and hoping to see a loss soon.
I'll join you FAF, I need to cut back on something cos I'm not losing either :mad: We'll suffer together hun xx
I'll join you FAF, I need to cut back on something cos I'm not losing either :mad: We'll suffer together hun xx
going to have a major set back tonight with the booze im going to have. but i need to let my hair down and have a laugh so i am not going to regret it. rum and coke zero by the pint full. cant wait :D
Think I'm gonna hit the gin and slimline tonic tonight - might as well have a blow out before I start cutting down on everything I love :sigh:
i will be starting to drink around 3 this afternoon when hubby gets home from work. we normaly get through a large bottle of rum between us then drink whatever is left over from the rest of the booze. i wont be touching the forbidden food. will do as i have been doing and give it all a good sniff. i love party food. :(
There are loads of things than can cause you not to lose weight, cheese, citrix etc...
Does bacardi count? :D Not keen on the dark rum x
It's a white spirit so it should be fairly low carb.

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