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Is it Possible?

to drink too much water????

On Wed I had 3 750ml bottles of water during the day, yesterday I had six and today im on my fifth with another hour and a half to go in work so potentially could be six again today! Is this ok? Basically its 11 litres of water drank in 3 days :eek:
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I think that you can have too much water and for it to be dangerous (water intoxication), if you drink it all very close together (within a couple of hours).
Is it very warm where you work?
Seems as though you are drinking 3 litres a day? Are you drinking anything else?
I drink around 3litres a day, counting all drinks.
Hope this helps!
I know a woman who drowned because she drank far too much water in a avery short space of time. It is rare but possible

There was a man who died because his cells drowned. Basically when they say you are what you eat, it means that your body takes in your food and uses it to make new cells (so somewhere in your body is cells made from mcdonalds - bleh!).

This bloke used to drink loads of water, every day all day. His cells became too diluted and he died as his body couldn't cope.

It's very rare, you have to drink a hell of a lot of water to get to the stage where you do damage.

I did hear of that woman, she was on a diet of some sort wasn't she?
Here we go. She didn't die but did become brain damaged:

BBC NEWS | UK | Woman left brain damaged by detox

The court heard Mrs Page, from Faringdon, near Swindon, claimed Mrs Nash told her to drink large amounts of water and reduce her salt intake when she started the diet in October 2001. She told the High Court that when she started vomiting Mrs Nash told her it was a normal part of the detoxification process.

Less than a week into the regime, mother-of-two Mrs Page had to be taken to Princess Margaret Hospital in Swindon after suffering a severe epileptic seizure. Doctors diagnosed low salt levels in her body - known as hyponatraemia or water intoxication.

He said his wife had previously tried several other diets and had been told to drink four pints of water a day by Mrs Nash.

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