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Is it possible....

I cant believe it...
I have done the same thing.... lose a stone by my birthday which is ALSO 9th July.
How spooky.......
PS- what year were you born.?
omg that is freaky!!!! i was born in 1987, i see your from n.i too! I joined SW last wednesday and have my first WI tomorrow so it'll tell me if Im on the right track or not!
thanks everyone !!
OMG I totally missed that bit that you are from Belfast. Thats even MORE freaky. lol
What part of Belfast.? I live in Antrim now but lived in Belfast for years, Ravenhill, near Ormeau park. What SW group do you go too.?

omg that is freaky!!!! i was born in 1987, i see your from n.i too! I joined SW last wednesday and have my first WI tomorrow so it'll tell me if Im on the right track or not!
Im from Shore Road - go to the one up the Antrim Road in St Gerards (i think its called that) community centre! Living in Donegall Pass - not far at all from Ravenhill - now but the family still over in North Belfast :)
That is sooo freaky! what group do you go to is it one up in Antrim?
I dont go to a group, Im doing it on my own at home.
I cant really afford to go (I know its only £5) but Im a single mum and have no child care either so it just doesnt suit me. I went to a group last year but then personal circumstances have changed and I cant now. I dont mind doing it at home anyway, this forum is better than any group. ;)
I know St Gerards really well. I went to Fortwilliam. :D
Sorry to anyone reading this and not having a CLUE what we are waffling about. lol
I was gonna do it from home but I knew if i done that and didnt have to get weighed in every week I wouldnt stick to it lol I have zero willpower!! Its a small world isnt it! lol I know anyone reading this will be wonderin what the heck we are on about hehe.
How is it going for you then looks like your doing well from your sig - 7lbs in the first week is amazin!
Oh thanks sweetie, I really appreciate that, because I havent lost a single thing since. lol
Im kinda stuck at the moment, and Im trying hard not to get fed up with it. I have to keep telling myself that if I lost half a stone every month I would be overjoyed.... its just hard sometimes to hear people say they have lost 3 or 4 lbs in a week and Im not. Think I am going to try a red day tomorrow if there is no movement on the scales in the morning. (I weigh myself every morning, I know I shouldnt)......


Mad old Bat with Attitude
How great that you two seem to have SO much in common! I'm a great believer in fate! 1987! LOL that makes me feel old! I reckon at that age you can do it! Good luck! (not that you'll need it!) Even I lost just over a stone in 6 weeks!


Lover of Extra Easy
Good luck to both of you.
You can do it!
Debby, I know you know you should'nt weigh daily, as you said so but please try not to.
It is ever so tempting to jump on the scales but body weight fluctuates constantly and you may feel despondent for no reason at all.
Better to weigh just once a week and get a better picture.
I won't weigh myself at home at all now, and am looking forward to WI to see the progress.
dont give up seriously. we will all have our weeks were we will maintain or even gain but just keep at it honestly, itl be worth it in the end. what days are you mostly doing? im doin a mixture but mostly EE. i know what u mean about gettin fed up with it, i guarantee ill be like that in a few weeks so you will all hear me giving off on here lol
its easier said tha done to not weigh urself all the time, ive done it alot in the first week and it said id lost more than i actually had so i got abit downhearted, but im gonna hide my scales so i cant anymore and keep to gettin weighed in same time, same day every week

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