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Is it really Day 10 already? O.O


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Hi all

Wow, I can't believe I'm here posting this on Day 10 of LT and have been positively saintly hehe It really has been a breeze so far and haven't been plagued with any horrible headaches or lethargy or hunger pangs. Maybe it's just sheer determination and mind over matter, who knows, whatever it is I hope it continues for as long as possible =D

OH was out for an Italian meal last night with his work, came home reeking of garlic and going on about what they'd all ordered and how yummy it was. Normally I'd be drooling and heading straight for the fridge but actually, for the first time ever, I have to say I didn't have a physiological response... no drooling!! This is definitely an achievement, and a good sign as I see it and that definitely gave me a boost.

What gave me a bigger boost however was finding out last night that I had only regained back 5.5lbs from when I stopped SW in July to go into hospital for surgery, I had thought I'd gained back a stone and was feeling down about that at the time but yesterday I had a quick peek in the SW book and right enough, I only weighed in 5.5lbs heavier when I started LT \o/ So I wasn't THAT much of a piggy during recovery after all haha

Then, after I discovered that I realised that although I've lost 9.6lbs on LT, I've actually lost 20.2lbs altogether since my heaviest when I joined SW back in June. Wow, 20lbs!!! Hmm.. think I might rejig my stats and targets a bit, or is that cheating? hehe Ok, I shall rejig my ticker and leave the other bits to reflect LT, I think that'll give me the best of both. Don't want to do myself a discredit by ignoring the weight I already lost so far, it's definitely worthy of noting, if only purely for my own psychological purposes lol

Off to the pharmacy tomorrow for the official weigh in. Going to ask them if they have the beakers since I've been using a hand blender to make my shakes and soup and it's just a pain in the butt hassle really. Also, here's hoping that the assistant is a little more friendly and helpful else I may well be transferring to the other one and become their first LT customer!

Good luck everyone and thanks for your continued support, it's definitely helping me stay focused and determined ^.^
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Little warning babes the shakes are a million times nicer wen they are blended. I have to use the shaker in work and it tastes like powder and i shake it so hard i swear its a work out in itself. An soup cant be shaken in the blender its only for cold liquids.

congrats on the weight loss your right to show it on your tracker coz afterall you did lose it and not put the majority back on. Your doing fab and it really is all about mind over matter. Time flies on this diet i can still remember the day i decided to do it and i didnt even believe i wud last a day never mind 9 weeks so far.

Its incredible to say the least.


Recovering Cookie Addict
Aaah, thanks for the heads up Ann Marie, maybe I will just stick with my blender then lol

Usually whenever I'm on a diet the time drags, counting down all those months til goal, knowing it will be a year or more... urgh.. but with LT I feel so much more positive. Even if I only focused on each stone it's only going to be a month to wait approx and that's no time at all really, is it?

Yeah, I decided to update my stats and give credit where it's due. Also, my start weight earlier this year is actually the heaviest I've ever been and I was disgusted with myself (not so disgusted however that I didn't cheat after hospital but never mind that =P ) so putting it here is like a constant reminder to me that I never -ever- want to go back to that.

Can't believe I'm getting closer to the dreaded Day 12, the day I never made it past last time. On day 13 you can expect me to be in here jumping with joy and celebrating... with a sparkling water obviously! hehe
Some signature hun!!

Well done, bet you're so pleased you've got this far - and glad it's been relatively easy.

I use my hand held blender and I would say it's a billion times better than the shaker - why's it a pain for you?

Can't wait to see the official WI results!! x


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Some signature hun!!
Ohnoes! Caught! Yes, I was a little bored earlier so I had a play around hehe, managed to trim it a little though =P

I'm just lazy is all, no real reason other than that. It'd be nice to be lazier and not have to wash the blender right away and have something else to use to prepare the next shake haha, I know, it's no wonder I'm the size I am, I really *am* that lazy =D

Given what you and and Ann Marie have said though I think I'll just stick with the blender. I have no plans to go out anywhere that I'd need to make a shake portable anyway, although I guess it'd be good to have the shaker just in case? Hmm... I don't recall seeing one in the dingy storeroom at the pharmacy and they certainly never mentioned it to me so I don't even know if getting one would be an option although I know I could get a SF one or tupperware type.

I'll pop on tomorrow with a quick update of how the weigh in went, although am taking my own weigh in results as the *right* ones purely because I can take it first thing in the morning before I eat, drink or get dressed.
I tink its really handy wen im in a rush i make my shake in it and drink it on the way. It also comes in handy for family meals and stuff were i cant use a blender coz the restaurant staff mite get a bit peed off hahaha! One other ting about it thou the shakes stick to it now i dont mean in an obvious way the plastic is so crap you cant get rid of the smell of them. I know wash mine straight after with boiling water. Wudnt recommend doin it in the diskwasher cox then it smells and tastes like a dishwasher i know im weird but its amazing how good my taste buds and sense of smell has gotten on this diet.


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Ann Marie, you crack me up, you're so funny!! hehe I can imagine the restaurants wouldn't be too happy if you took your own blender with you lmao *imagines the scene* hehe

I know exactly what you mean about the powder sticking, I used to do SF and use a shaker and it was the same deal. Sadly I have no dishwasher so by hand is the only way. I rinse my blender with boiling water right after making it too so it's ready for the next shake.

Talking of which, I've not even had my first of the day yet, I just realised O.O *goes off to get it* ...

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