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Is it really so simple ?

Hello All.

A query for the gym ratties and joggers etc. I have not been a massive fan of running or breathing rapidly without a purpose, so I'm posing you all a question which is plaguing me.

: My diet I feel is now in correct portions, I'm weighing everything I'm consuming (ie no portion over 150g). I'm not a sweet tooth, thankfully, so I eat no packaged sweets, no ice cream, or the like. I have a square of 80% dark chocolate a day for pleasure and I get 2 home baked cookies on Saturday for my reward. I'm a vegetarian so there are no fried foods / meats in my diet. I cook everything at home freshly (absolutely NO processed foods) and do not use excessive amounts of oil or butter (in fact those are all measured too). My true vice is diet Coke, which I have at least 3 times a day. I walk my dog for an hour a day, I do yoga 2 to 3 times a week. I climb 4 flights of stairs to get home every day. I can not for the life of me loose a significant amount of weight. I saw the doctor recently who is checking my thyroid but we are not expecting to find unusual results.

My question: Is the reason I can't get down to a healthy weight because I don't go to the gym or run ? :confused::confused: If so, how often must I subject myself to it ?
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It wouldn't be the reason as many people lose weight sucessfully without exercising, but it wouldn't hurt? 3 times a week is a good starting point.

Good luck!

P.S. Diet coke is my vice too :)
Hmmm. Well I have been exercising this week, just to see. Had 2 jog/walks for 25 min.. and then yesterday I had a massive binge day:(.. but I rode my bike this afternoon for at least a good hour so hopefully that is my start to balancing out yesterday.. I'll keep the jog/walk this week and see if it makes a difference. :rolleyes:

Diet coke is glorious isn't it ? :D


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Hi. How many calories are you having a day? In the end that's the bottom line. Exercise can burn off some calories but you still have to eat less than you need.

....Unless you DO have a thyroid condition (like me) and then it all gets a lots weirder. It doesn't mean you can't lose weight though - just that it's slower than everyone else.


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Please dont get into the cycle of binging then exercising. Depending on your binge, you probably consumed more than 2000 calories, to exercise that off would take hours and hours!
Well, I'm still waiting to hear about the thyroid... And don't worry, the exercise wasn't inspired by the binge. I just wanted to see how much of a difference it made. Saturday will tell all. I think for me, it's just frustrating to feel like I do all the things I get told to do, and I don't see many results. Obviously there is a medical problem or calories miscounted, but it feels so disheartening to limit myself and not see anything good out of it.


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I know. I do understand. It has taken me five years to lose the weight I have. You will lose weight - you just need to find the key. Experiment and you will. You have shown a lot of determination sticking to it without results.

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