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Is it safe to not do AAM?

Just thinking how motivated I am and cos we don't have CDC here I was wondering is it ok to do 8 weeks without the AAM? I have been reading posts where some people have said it is harder doing AAM week? Has anyone done 8 weeks SS'ing? Any responses are sooooo welcome
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i'm sure a CDC will be along in a mo but as far as i'm aware it is really important to do AAM week xx
Hi there

Agree with JJJ it is considered important to do AAM week and I believe you need doctors sign off if you don't want to do it.

Hope that helps.



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Realistically, it's up to you. The main reason they do it is guidelines from research which state no more than 4 weeks at a time. In reality, it's up to you what you do. We have no CDCs here either, I chose to do add a meal firstly as something to look forward to, but mainly so i learn portion control. The other thing is that the shakes contain everything you need (theoretically) although 0,8g/kilo bodyweight is the usual calculation (for healthy patients/people) and for me thats 51,2g. 3 servings of cambridge only contain 43,2g - i'd have to weigh 54kg (8st 7lb) for that to be right. Thats my target weight and I'll be a skinny minnie then!! If I supplement with 50g chicken (AAM), thats 11g extra protein. But I think it's your call in the end.
Ida xx


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grams protein I mean!!!
Thanks for your help and advice, Slim for life I see you haven't done it but will do very soon. idaj I thought you meant grams!!!! Well I think I will see how I feel when the time comes but if I don't do AAM then it will only be the once. Weather is getting cold her in Norway, winter is coming.
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I never did it when i did ss last year, but looking back i wish i had, i was scared i wouldn tbe able to go back to ss, and i thought i wouldn tlose as much weight, but the weight loss was the same when i finally did di aam as i worked up the steps at the end,
Having got permission from my doc, I'm on my 19th week of SSing. I prefer it this way and I haven't cheated at all so have only had packs. However, some people seem to find AAM fine, I just didn't want to digress from the packs and it has worked for me.
Frejja have you lost 75 lbs in 19 weeks that is blooming marvelous. How fantastic. Thanks for the advice
Hi Norwegian girl

I've lost that in 18 weeks as I don't have my 19th weigh in till Saturday! It's amazing how hung up on detail you get on these diets...lol! You have less to lose than I had so I'm sure you'll lose it even quicker. Good luck!
AAM week is advised and recommended but the first time around, I did six months of SS without a break. It was a personal choice - I just didn't feel I could trust myself around 'real' food.

I wouldn't actively advise anyone to follow my lead but for me, personally, I felt five weeks wasn't enough to get my head out of 'binge' mode. Mind you, history shows that six months wasn't enough time to get my head out of binge mode!! Maybe if I'd followed the plan exactly I wouldn't have had developed a fear of food, which is what seems to have happened. This time around I'll probably do the AAM week as recommended.

Ultimately, the decision is yours but in your shoes, I probably wouldn't miss more than one AAM week because it CAN mess with your head.
Am so impressed at all the losses on this forum. It is great, so happy I came across minimins.

Personally, i cannot WAIT till AAM week, i'm gagging for some broccoli :D

Weird xxx
i've posted a thread about this, but as I'm here and its being discussed, can someone tell me the diffence between AAM and 790?

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