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Is it too late...

rainbow brite



Posts when she can
I would take it Gemma. I don't see the shakes as food but as medicine to keep ur body healthy whilst its in ketoses. I'd be afraid of side effects.
Want to see that film myself.

rainbow brite

Thanks hun, was pretty sure that was the answer I'd get as we're always saying how important it is to have all 3 each day, was just worried about how late it is is all :) x
Oh I def would have it - i have my 3rd one when i come home from poker and that can be at 3am - 5am in the morning - i love having a shake and then going to bed :)

I went to see mama mia in the west end last year - its awesome - really want to see the film now too! lol xox
they probs dont think its ur blender in the middle of the night cankster???


serial poster

h xx
Hi Gemma, Glad you enjoyed the film, I quite fancy seeing it myself. Alas teenage daughter wants to see some film called Angus, thongs and snogging, or something like that!!!

Cuddly - Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging has given me the rage lol! It's an adaptation of a series of books by Louise Rennison that even though I'm far too old to be reading are fantastically funny and well-written. I saw the trailer and got the rage as they've changed the title for one and it just doesn't look anywhere as near as good as the books. Sometimes they should just leave well alone!!

Still, a lot of young girls seem to be enjoying the film, so if she drags you along I hope you have fun :) x
Thanks Gemma, I think we may wait till little one gets back from camp then they can go together and I'll go window shopping!!! Lol!

I might try reading the books though. I don't mind that I am way too old to read teenager books, I still love the Enid Blyton ones!! Lol!!! It'll make a bit of light relief after Patricia Cornwell!

I'd definitely recommend these to anyone in need of a bit of light-hearted reading. In fact I lent the first two to Medea a couple of days ago! Bought the rest of the series last week and am hoping they've arrived by now :) So excited :)

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