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Is it vital to drink shakes within 15 mins?


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Another Q:

I just wanted to know if its ok to make up shakes before work etc, and just shake them up again when you are ready to consume them?

The pharmacy advised you must drink within 15 mins, as the mixture settles and isnt very nice. I would have thought if this was the case, you can shake it up again and drink it?

Or is there another reason why it must be consumed straight away? :confused:

Day one over with. Cant stop peeing but feeling fine :D
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You HAVE to drink them within 15 minutes or the vitamins and nutrients break down and its useless! Plus the shakes go off very quickly within an hour or so.
Exactly what pizzle24 says. They really dont taste nice and have no nutient content at all to pre-mix.
Hi,we have to drink them within 15 minutes because all the goodness ie. vitamins and minerals would disappear after that time .They are soluable in water and there would be nothing left of them. Also I find them really disgusting after this time.Kind of metallic taste.
Good luck for your time on LT.
We kind of answered it in the same time. Great minds think alike. Lol


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Have to echo what everyone else has said, and it is true that they smell horrendus if left to stand for 2 long! Oooh and welcome to the frequent toilet trip club ;)


Loves the jobs you hate!
cheers guys. I think i kind of knew this, but the lady at the chemist was a bit special bless her. Dithery and clearly away with the fairies.
Wanted to double check, as I NEED to get things right. I NEED to do this!
You will be fine. Take one day at a time, and when you need to vent or get any advice come on here! We all have a rants and you will feel better having the support!

Good luck!

p.s my chemist is a bit funny too, he keeps saying things that I correct lol.

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