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is it worth me buying ketostix


Slowly but surely!
I dont use them as ive heard with LT they are unreliable and I saw it as a waste of money, but some people do use them :)
if you have stuck to the diet and havent cheated i see no reason why you need them, you should be in ketosis after 1-4 days.

good luck ;)
Nah! Dont throw your money away, your weekly WI will be the best indicator.


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I have them, theyre £5 and you get loads in them, I use them when I restart just to cheke how quickly I get into ketosis but its not essential either way it wont speed up the process :) Theyre good for letting you know whether you dehydrated or not, the darker it is the more dehydrated you are! So theyre good for that, if you use the in the morning tho you will be more dehydrated than usual xx


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I use them, but the past few days they've been negative! I've read that the amount of water I drink (I average 10pints) can affect the readings so I'm not sure what way to assess how accurate they are? I guess I'll find out at my WI tomorrow!?
Yumymumy.. why use a stick to tell you how "dehydrated" you are when the colour of you wee will do the same thing?

Pale straw colour is the aim :)


A little of everything!
Mine's almost totally clear?! Should I still be aiming for straw-coloured while doing LT? I thought I was doing well with my water intake!
I am a nurse if your wee is totally clear then you are definately well hydrated. The darker your wee the more dehydrated you are. Trust me its the first thing we look at in the hospitals to see if our patients have urine infections I do not lie!!!


A little of everything!
So how will I tell for sure if I'm in ketosis!?! LOL! I've (ashamedly!) been picking a bit this week hnd had assumed I'd knocked myself out of ketosis because of the negative readings? Hmmm...?

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