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Is it wrong to weigh mid week???


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There are so many opinions on this subject. Some will tell you that you shouldn't weigh mid week as our weight fluctuates daily as well as hourly, others will tell you it's fine providing it doesn't send you into a panic if you see a gain or get excited if you see a huge loss.

Tbh I think it's down to the individual. I sometimes have a sneak peek but whatever the scales tell me it doesn't send me off plan if I see a gain or over ambitious and relaxed if I see a loss. However if I do see a gain then I switch things up a bit, get in some more sf foods, more water & less carbs before my true weigh in day.

It's personal preference but whatever you do, don't let it get you disheartened. X
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I dont think its wrong to sneaky peek, I find that it helps me keep me on track. I am so used to the normal fluctuations whether they are up or down that I now easily dismiss an 'up' without it affecting me. But if a peek affects your mood/mojo levels negatively then dont do it
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I dnt think wot day u way weigh has too much bearing as ur body doesn't know the day of the wk however I have heard alot of buzz about TIME OF DAY with weighing. Apparently throughout the day ur body fluctuates up to 2.2lbs so to track ur progress as accurately you should weigh the same time of the day, most paople choose first thing in the morning when u r nice and empty (including myself :D)

Do beware of weighing 2 often aswell to stop dissapointment as it seems very slow progress when u r not seeing huge losses because u r weighing everyday (Im also guilty of this untill recently)

I had a whole week once where I weighed myself every morning and the scales was just staying the same and I was very de-motivated but when it got to the wk mark when I SHOULD have been weighing it had dropped 2lbs and I had almost broken my diet out of frustration so now I stick to weighing once a wk first thing in the morning
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I will admitt that i have been feeling really gutted and disappointed with the gain. Can you have a look at my food diary and see if things are alright? I am not a great veg lover so not many on there but it hasnt affected my losses x


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There are advantages and disadvantages. If you weigh in every day then over time you will see the fluctuations and some kind of pattern which can be reassuring if your weekly weigh-in is a surprise sts or gain. It is easy to get disheartened though, especially if you aren't seeing the fuller picture.

I weigh-in every day and record in on fridgegraph - being doing that for well over a year now. I started when I followed the ww diet last year and lost 33 lbs I vowed to keep on doing that until at least six months after I had lost all my excess weight. I stopped last year in the summer so I also have my 23 lb gain clearly showing on my graph now :eek:. It is coming down again though! I think the process of clearly seeing that my weight starts to go straight back up as soon as I come of the plan was something that I needed to do.

So I am now a new SW optimiser hopefully my days of yo-yoing are over. I have sts for the last 4 days though and tbh I am finding that a bit hard to see so early on. I know when this kind of thing happened before that I would then drop 2 lbs in the space of 24 hrs...hopefully tomorrow!

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