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Is Linseed


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Yeah its the same thing. Just remember to grind them if they're not "pre-ground" lol!

Good luck and enjoy!


Clean green leafy machine

I've experimented with the basic recipe and come up with one which, by my rather dodgy calculation, is 2 net carbs per 2 slices.

- 2 tblps (30 mls) flax seed (Holland Barrett brown linseed, 0.7 carbs per 100 mls)
- 1/4 tsp baking powder

Grind the flax seed well, then I put in a french coffee bowl, add the baking powder and a good few shakes of dried herbes de provence (Tesco) and mix thoroughly. I then add an egg, and mix in and leave to sit for a minute. I then microwave it for 3 minutes, turn out, let it cool and then slice into three (the top has usually risen a little and I nibble on that while the other two are toasting).

Sometimes I add a sachet of splenda. Also do a cinnamon and ginger one, which is yum and someone suggested putting some sugar free jelly in - will try on the weekend and report back.

Susie x
:D Thanks Susie

I actually managed to buy milled flax seed in the Tesco wholefood isle this morning got my baking powder and am now ready to make this
Noticed in another post you used a thunder stick to mix it
I'm guessing this is a bamix type thingy :D


Clean green leafy machine
LOL Kal and Bren

My thunderstick is a hand held blender - and it's brilliant - turns cauli mash to puree in no time at all (if that's the way you like it!) :)

It's a good job it wasn't me who mentioned the thunderstick, I'd have been on the naughty step for life. ;)


Clean green leafy machine


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PMSL Jim (& for the loo joke, as I know to my cost) I was wondering what that was. I've got a billy blender, but, like Bren I use a spoon or a little hand whisk
Tell you what though, I don't lick the spoon like I do when I make fairy cakes lol - it just ain't the same :D

and Jim - I thought you already had a lifetime subscription to the naughty step
;) next to me lol


Clean green leafy machine
I've ordered some carb free maple syrup and orange marmalade from the Low Carb Shop - marmalade Mim anyone? Mmmm :)



Clean green leafy machine
Forgot to say - re linseed

I have noticed some wildly different carb content for the seeds and for ground -

- Tescos brown linseeds - 13 g per 100g
- Linusit ground flax seed (Tescos) - 5.3g per 15g (!)
- Neals Yard golden/brown (H&B) - 0.7g per 100g
- Goodness linseed (direct.co.uk) - 5g per 100g

These seem to vary a lot - anyone know why? I'm obviously going for the Neals Yard ones - more Mims per serve! :)



Clean green leafy machine
Hi Kal

Neals Yard linseed is from Holland and Barrett. You can buy online too (and when you're there, check the carbs and tell me I'm not making it up lol).

I'd better try the marmalade Mim a few times first - just to make sure they are safe to eat....will report back :)


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