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Is My pharmacist nuts???


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OK so I did TFR for 8 weeks and did refeed and have just eaten normally for the last 2 months. I was travelling for 5 weeks, etc. etc.... (Loads of reasons for taking a break)

But my intention was always to start back today if not sooner. So I went to the chemist and told her. She said that I couldn't start back and it was a strict LT rule! She said LT say that I would have to wait about 6 months before restarting!!! It was because LT felt I wasn't committed to the diet!!!! (Are you mad woman? I did it without even one cheat for 8 weeks and lost 2 stone 12lbs!!! Which she knew!)

So I bluffed her and said I wanted her to phone LT. Then she said "Well if we say that you only did maintenance the first time" Which I didn't I did TFR. So then she weighs me and gives me the TFR. All the while pointing out what a HUGE favour she was doing me.

Is there such a rule??? I mean I went to adopt a baby. Bringing LT with me was not an option and to be honest I had other more important things on my mind such as a sick baby, legalities of adoption, etc....

It just seems absurd......
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This sounds pretty odd. I'm not aware of such a rule. Hmmm....
Totally agree with you. Mad woman. Well I will have to wait and see what my chemist says next week. Using the left over shakes this week. If she says the same to me I will just go and use a different chemist under a different name and address etc LOL. x
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mmmmm, don't know as I am not a LTer but it does sound a bit rough seeing that you did so well and had a planned break, it's not like you've put all the weight back on and 5lb is likely to be glycogen/water weight which we will all put on after starting eating carbs again....mmmm well done not turning on your heal, I think I would have done. Welcome back to VLCD, did getting your kiddie go Ok?
Sounds like a little power tripper to me :confused:

congratulations on your new addition



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Yep angie-bum - babs is now doing great. I am trying to fatten her up and slim me down!
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i would ring Lt, just to find out anyway and maybe report the old bag!!
kick her to the kerb!!!!!!!!
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Sounds utter bollox to me. Glad you called her bluff, as she was clearly just being a mini hitler. Plenty on here have come back to try LT TFR well within 6-months of their first attempt.
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sounds like your chemist was lying as i have known people to come off it cos could not afford it and then gone back on it after a month.


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Don't ya just hate power trippers????
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Well my pharmacy dont seem to care wether you stick to it or start over again cos I have been going for teh past year & this is my first week of actually doing the diet, I have yo-yoed with my weight all year & they just laughed at me (so me help eh?)
I dont think it is a LT rule tho hun.
So glad she gave ya it & good luck getting back on the wagon :)


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its one iv never heard of you had a very good reason for stopping and are obviously detrermined to go back on it x


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Maybe its just in Ireland that the 6mth rule is for. I went to my chemist about 3 wks ago to restart tfr (having done tfr for 4 wks about 6 wks previous) and the actual pharmacist wasnt there to evaluate me but assistant said she didnt think there would be a problem but that you can only do tfr twice in a 6mth period. I have not been back to the chemist yet but will be starting back mid sept so will need to pay pharmacist a visit soon. Better try and shift a few pounds before I go back for weigh in or I prob wont be let do it (prob tell me Im not committed)


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ring LT, the numbers on the back of your wi card (should be) ring while you are with chemist! my mate stops and starts all the time!

jobsworth prob.
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Umm, I'm not sure where I read/heard it but I definitely came across some information in the last month or so that went along the lines of LT thinking of bringing in a new rule which meant that if you stop you have to wait a certain amount of time before recommencing in hopes of deterring those who want to stop and start which, to be honest, isn't particularly good for the body.

Before anyone shoots me, like I've said I'm not sure if it's true but I definitely got the info from somewhere so thought I should say. The though of not being able to continue is partly what has kept me on the wagon...


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Maybe she's doing LT under protest. My pharmacist said she hated LT as her workload had doubled since the chemist started doing it. I'd defo phone LT and if she's lied report her.

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