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Is oat bran porridge a healthy extra?

I couldn't find any information only on the oat bran bread.
It's this stuff: Tesco Whole Foods Oatbran (500g) in Tesco | mySupermarket

It actually got more fibre than porridge and I like it better as well..tastes a bit like semolina :)

But I don't know whether it could count as a healthy extra??

The lady here says it has 5 Syns per 28 grams: http://www.minimins.com/syn-values/208818-100-oatbran.html

(couldn't find it in my books either)

It has actually less syns than 28g of oats!?
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Yep 28g is a B choice- it's on healthy extras online.
Oh cool...are u sure it's oat bran and not all bran or bran flakes?

Also, I realised that I have to eat a piece of scan bran (cardboard bread) with my porridge to count it as a healthy extra...which I never did!
!wah!do I have to do that with oat bran as well?and is there an alternative to that as I really hate that bread...:-(


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Nope, just 28g. It's on the drop down healthy B list from the website- there are BILLIONS of B choice cereals!

I never have the scan bran/ryvita with the porridge and you don't HAVE to, it's just better to.
Mmmhhh....i thought I would have to otherwise it won't count as hex...
But i'll just carry on with oat bran in that case:)


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That's a common misconception. On the SW website it says that you don't need to eat all of a healthy extra for it to count. I never have the ryvita with my Oat So Simple porridge- I don't really like ryvita without things like Jam and nutella, which are syns that I'd rather save for something else! :)
Thanks, just what I was looking for. I prefer oat bran, it seems to keep me going for longer.
I love oatbran, think this will be my new hexb instead of alpen light bars.
If any of you have a pack of oatbran in could you have a quick look to see if it's fortified with iron like most other cereals? I can't eat anything fortified with iron due to a condition I suffer from and really struggle to find cereals to eat for breakfast. If this one is ok it will give me a bit more variety! At the moment the only one's I've found are plain old porridge oats and puffed wheat which doesn't fill me up!

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