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Is ScanBran like Ryvita crackerbread?

Hi all

I'm pretty new to this so bare with me. Have just seen in another thread that scan bran is good for increasing weightloss, but I like to get a better idea what it's like before I buy some! I have ryvita crackerbread, is it like that? The crackerbread is quite crunchy, whereas I've seen people say scan bran takes some chewing!

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Imagine chewing your way through a bran flavoured carpet tile. Thats what its like. And I've chewed my way through many, so I consider myself the authority on these things. :D

In all seriousness, they are hard work, and I say this as someone who quite likes them. But look at it this way, its all good body magic, and keeps you regular. A winning combination, by all accounts. Except the accounts of people who cant stand them, who probably outweigh those that like them.


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They do take some getting used to and I agree with the comparisions above, however they are very nice spread with nutella if you have some syns to use up.


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MLM's description is spot on. They really do take some getting used to & i can only eat them drowned in something to soften them up (& a large glass of water to wash them down) Its also been suggested that they melt quite well into things like savoury rice etc. If i do have them i can only stomach 3 of the 5 you can have as a heb at a time as they fill me up so much.

Basically, every day is not an option, but i am happy to eat them twice a week & it feels like the only real sacrifice i've had to make so far on this plan.
Well, I'm having my scan bran with fromage frais and quark mixed with vanilla extract and sweetener, and banana on top, and I have to say they are a lot more palatable than I was expecting!
I broke two scan bran into little bits and hid them under 1 Weetabix and poured on milk. Far more easy to eat and it uses 1 hxa and 1hxb. Im not saying it was delicious but it was better than eating them as a substitute for crackers etc :)

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