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Is scrambled egg allowed?

Thanks Sonya, I will check it out. Can't get scrambled egg out of my head now!x
Hey hun, I'm doing refeed at the moment now I know skimmed milk is allowed in your tea and coffee, just a dash so rationallly if you were to just put in a small drop of skimmed I can't see it being to far wrong. There are experts over in the refeed and maintenance sections though and they should be able to tell you!!
Thank you Ciara, I hope your refeeding is going well. I really want to eat again but I'm so worried about putting weight back on as this is my second time around! You have done really well, well done. Being a size 10 must be amazing! x
Hi Caroline, thats the fear I have too but you know what we are in complete control of what we eat/if we have a gain because only we prepare and choose our food! I'm going to be as healthy as possible and make good choices and hopefully I will be in the habit of healthy eating/not over eating! I hope you do really well on refeed!! (you look slim in your avatar!) Good luck for refeed hun x
Thanks Ciara, you are so right! After refeed I'm going to eat so healthy and try not to let those bad habits slip back in!
I'm starting refeed again on Wednesday Mary but thank you for asking. This is my second time around but last time I didn't know you could have eggs. I'm scared this time as I don't want to keep doing this and as much as I like Lt I really want this to be my last time. You have done great Mary, what's the secret for keeping it off? x


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The secret is to NOT stop smoking lol. I stopped for 4 months and gained a stone and a half, but back to my normal weight now.

The only advice I can give really is to try and stick to 3 healthy meals a day (after your two week refeed) and make sure you are comfortably full up at meal times, not stuffed. This will avoid any un-necessary picking between meals. If you are hungry between meals, then you need to up your portion sizes a little.

I try to only snack on fruit if I get a little bit hungry.

I counted calories for the first few months, this gave me a good base for portion control.

Taking your time at meals is a good tip too, chew slowly and enjoy every morsel.

Wednesday will soon be here, good luck for re-feeding.
LOL Mary! I'm 5 years non smoking, I put 2 stones on and just kept going! You seem to have it sorted with your eating now, I am so impressed. I'm definitely going to take your advice, the naughty snacks got me where I am so I totally get that! I'm going to count calories as I would like to lose another stone, so I'm thinking 1200 daily? I also want to start exercising and use the monthly gym membership that now has cobwebs on, but I'm always shattered when I get in from work! Excuses, excuses I know! I saw you were going on holiday soon, have a lush time.xx
Have a look at this site, and you can work out your daily calorie needs.

Use this site for after refeed to calculate your BMR BMR Calculator then scroll down to 'daily calorie needs' to work out how many calories you need to eat to maintain/lose.

Yes, I am off on holidays on Friday for two weeks, I cant wait. Thank you.
Thanks Mary, you know everything! x
LOL...we have been around here for a while, and its all tips that have been learnt or passed on through-out the course of learning to maintain.

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