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Is the 1st stone really the hardest???

I can't say it was for me. I found the second harder as the losses get a bit smaller.

princess your only 1lb away, u can do it. More water, less syns and lots of superfree food!!! xx


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See, I have a lot to lose, so thought it would drop off, but its taken me 9 weeks to lose 14lbs.... I have a run of 3lb losses, then maintain x
Keep at it livi, you will get there. I now its seems like alot of effort for small losses but if you weren't puttin in that effort more than likely you would continue to put on weight.

Use the support of your consultant. Ask him/her to check your food diary just to see if there is anything secretly sabbotaging your efforts?

1-2lbs a week is the recommended weight loss, so you are right on track xx
We had a new starter in our group 2 weeks - she lost a stone in 1 week! Even the consultant was surprised. This week she put on 2lbs.

Think it depends on how much weight you have to lose, and how different slimming world food is to your regular food. If you were eating healthy in the first place then you should not expect massive losses initially, regardless of how much you have to lose.

Also - you mentioned you have a run of 3lb losses followed by a maintain - is the maintain on * week? As that is not unexpected.

Finally - don't give up!! I am 15 weeks in & have lost 1.5 stone. I average 1.5Lbs a week loss, am happy with that and if it carries on at an average of 1lb a week I will be at target sometime in May next year. I am happy with that as it means I'm likely to stick to it long term. It will be the best £300 I've enver spent.
My first stone has been horrendous to lose... In fact, I've still got 5lb to go and I've been on plan since Jan!

That said, I don't have a massive amount to lose and hoping that the slower it goes, the less likely it is to reappear.


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Congratulations on your 1 stone loss!

I'm still early-days with SW but on WW I cannot say that the first stone was the hardest. Maybe it is in terms of actually starting and sticking to it for more than a few days/couple of weeks though. I do tend to have a lot of false starts before getting going - once I have been doing it for a few weeks though it does seem easier to stick to (until I hit 15 weeks...but that is a different matter!).
My first was the easiest, by far.


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To be honest, I found the first couple of stone not too bad, its been the rest! But I must admit I have gone the scenic route. Started January 2009 and am still trying to get to goal (if I had a group here to attend it may have been easier).

Another 6lb to loose and I will be at a 5 stone loss.

My worry is maintaining when I get there!


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My firs stone has been easy to loose too. I maintained last week though, and all I did was have a few extra syns that I thought would be ok. It just makes you realise how important it is to weigh and count your syns and HEX's.


The first stone was pretty easy for me too, I have a decent amount to lose (about another 4 stone) and since my stone shiny I have found this next half stone difficult - got my first stone off in 6 weeks - have spent 4 weeks working toward 1.5 stone an still 2.5lb off it!
The first stone was pretty easy for me too, I have a decent amount to lose (about another 4 stone) and since my stone shiny I have found this next half stone difficult - got my first stone off in 6 weeks - have spent 4 weeks working toward 1.5 stone an still 2.5lb off it!
I found the first stone the easiest too. I've dropped 30lbs now and it's getting much harder to shift the flab.
I'm on week 3 lost a stone in first two weeks this week I've lost 3 lb but must admit I was not 100% this week ,the first stone was really easy for me 3 more stone to go don't think they are going to be such a breeze x


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I've never heard anyone say that the first stone is the hardest to lose. Who said this and did they give a reason why? Certainly no physical reason why that should be the case. The only possible reason I can think of is that you are making changes to your lifestyle and that can be difficult at first. But you should also be highly motivated when you start out which I should help offset any teething troubles with the plan.


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It didn't make any sense to me either, hence the confused post! Lol! But hey, it's working (slowly) and I love the flexibility and diversity of the plan. It was never going to be a quick fix but a lifestyle change forever :)


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I don't think the first stone is harder to lose physically - but certainly sticking to a new diet long enough to lose the first stone is harder than once its become a way of life.
The first few weeks (when you'll probably lose your first stone) are by far the hardest psychologically as you're adjusting to a new eating pattern, stopping your old bad habits, addressing why you eat what you do and when you do & getting your head around a whole new lifestyle attached to how you think about food. Thats most definately harder in the first few weeks, but once you get in the swing of it (after losing for a good few weeks) it becomes easier.
Maybe this is what was meant by the first stone being the hardest? xx

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Don't think too much about losing a stone, every little ounce will add up. I've just done my 1st stone and took me 8 weeks wish it could have been quicker but at least I've got there and proud of me having acheived it and here's to the next one. A day at a time. Good luck we can all do it x