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is the CD easy to stick to then..


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a normal diet? I think all my willpower is going imo, i really need to do this though. Please dont let me slip up onit.
I cant stick to a normal diet for anything, im trying to atm, but iv just had abit of nuget [sp]. Im drinking water, thats all ive been drinking, and cut down on crips/chocolate/snacking, do you think that will help with starting CD? im scared that if i have abit of chocolate now i wont do this diet! reasure me please :cry:
i need to do this! im going to go and watch the slide show :cry::break_diet:
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It realy does work but does need willpower.I've lost 4 stone ish since jan.I'm having a bit of a blip at the mo but thats my own fault by thinking i could have a planned night out then get back into it.But i've gone from a size 20/22 to a 16/14 in 10 week,so i'd say it works and i have no will powere whatsoever,never stuck to any diet before this.Once the first weeks gone things get better and if you 100% ss you won't be hungry.It's just a bit boring after a while thats all.


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i have got willpower, its just because im made to wait soo long before i can start it! just want to do it now =[
Kimmie, I decided in early Feb to do this diet, but because of so many family occasions that were coming up quickly that would just make the diet too hard to stick too and I decided to wait till april. So I made up my mind to do the diet 6/7 weeks ago but I only started it on Tuesday gone.

I put dieting out of my mind until about 2 weeks before starting and in those 2 weeks I got really excited about getting going. I think if you do lose a bit of enthusism to begin with as you get nearer the date to start it will start coming back, it did with me

Best of luck....
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hey kimmie..

I remember last year when i had my baby, i went up to nearly 18 stone, i was dying to get dieting, an old friend i seen down town who i havent seen for years she told me all about cambridge diet, i wasnt allowed to start for atleast 6 weeks either, what i done was the atkins diet but without the fat.. i ate just meat (including bacon), eggs, fish and cheese.. but no fat!! Also i had salad and green veg! and drank lots of water... i also had some low carb bars for the first few days.. i lost 2 stone then started the cambridge diet in november..

i went into ketosis doing that too which stopped me feeling hungry and i was ready for the cambridge.. i did this because i was motivated at the time and obviousley worried same as you that i may not stick to the cambridge.. if you anything like me i would do it now!!


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personally I'm finding it fairly easy.. I've been on it 7 weeks and the only time I've had to eat (at the end of my second week) I had a chicken salad which didn't seem to affect my losses too much.. I've not been tempted to cheat, I just want to lose the weight and get on with my life without worrying about dieting all the time!!

it helps if you get your head in the right place and think about the diet positively rather than seeing it as a chore, and don't think about all the things you can't have, but remember you'll be allowed them without feeling so guilty in a few months time :) (I'm personally looking forward to having a crunchie bar!!!)

cutting out the crisps and all that should help you, at least your first day won't be such a shock to the system!!!

hope you get on alright :D
I have just started on Monday and yes its very hard BUT I'm on day 5 today and I have to say like everyone told me on here its now easy and i do mean easy.

The best thing about it is that you dont have to think about what to cook ! what to eat etc you know what you can have just pick a flavour sweet or savoury

WILL POWER WILL GET YOU THROUGH ................ I have no idea what I have lost yet i refuse to get weighed unitl Monday morning a full week in and my 8th day . I have to say though after only 5 days I feel great ;)

DO IT ! make a choice now and good luck


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thanks everyone, iv hung omy size 18 and 14 top on my wall so i know what im heading for, they look soooooooooo small lmao. i CANT wait to start, i tried ringing cambridge to see if i can start earler but noone phoned me back =[

i want to shop in primark for the first ever time lool


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Hi, I've stuck to this 100% with no cheats and lost nine stone since the 16th October which I can't believe myself.

You've got to understand that when you feel you want to eat and binge and just have a taste it's your head, not your body asking for the food. That's the great big hurdle, you won't be hungry in ketosis so stick in ketosis and battle the beast by busying yourself with other things. I do love a good sniff of the insides of my son's chocolate buttons bag and he actually offers me a sniff now hee hee. Smell the food and try and think of something nasty, I was sniffing some Tate and Lyle syrup cake earlier and after a while it smelt a bit burnt which is great, don't want that any more.
My food wants have changed too, can't wait for some lovely fresh fish, or prawns or seafood in general with some yummy veg, don't get me wrong, I'd still sell my soul for a hot cross bun but it's really not worth it, it's only food and I can get pleasure from other things (if I keep saying that it will come true) xx


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well done dutch!,
i cant waittttt lol, i had some patato crunchie things for my tea and chicken breast, ended up only eattin about 5 crunchie things! thrown rest of it away, that and a small tin of beans on two peices of toast is all ive had today, and lots of water. and i "think" im hungry, but im not.
Atm iv got orange squash, just for a little change to water, is there anything like that u can have on cd? whats the water flavouring like and do you still lose alot of weight on them? dont want them if i dont have good loses!


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When I was on the diet previously I couldn't have survived without the water flavourings. There are two, one is summer fruit flavour and one is orange. I would say that they are an acquired taste and it takes some practice to get the right amount. I did not notice any slowing to my weight loss while having them, but one persons experience can be different to another's.
I would recommend you try them though as it can get very boring drinking all the water.


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you will be fine kimmie. I've done every diet under the sun, and have CRAP willpower! beleive me, I know how u feel. This is the only diet that works FAST, I couldnt be doing with going to WW and SW and them saying "well done you've lost half a pound this week" WHATs half a pound!! in the scheme of things! nothing to me (needed to lose 8 stone, and Im half way there in 13 wks.)
I have the orange water flavouring in Tesco Value fizzy water, its really nice! and cheap! can drink 2 litres of that a day.
good luck, I wouldnt worry about "dieting" until you start CD, just enjoy yourself while u can. Obviously dont go MAD! but enjoy it. I keep telling myself..............the nice foods i like will always be there when I have finished!


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Hi Kimmie

I was doing weight watchers at xmas and couldn't stick to it at all (god knows why as there is no particular reason)

I started CD (my third restart in 18 months) and today is day 7 for me and Ive found it so easy. I haven't WANTED to cheat as I want to lose the weight.

You will be fine when you start CD .. you see the fab support we have on this website!




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i find it easy because food is not in the equation at all. Untill my operation next Thursday i am "cutting down" and i find that much, much harder than ssing

Unless you feel 100% ready to give up food.... tell your mates that you ain't coming out to dinner... and strong enough to stay on water when you go to the bar!! Then go for it... I started orginally 2 years ago.. and realised I wasnt ready to give up food... now I am! So, good luck!

Plus, I found being on this site a REAL HELP!!

Hope that helps!!

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