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Is the CD porridge nice?

G: 9st8lb
The only way you will know if its nice for you, is to try it.

I liked it alot initially but found it a bit of a performance and one day I had 3, then I realised I was looking for 'real oatmeal' so I don't have it anymore .


cos i need this xxx
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i just tried the apple n cinnamon one and was disgusted!! had to really force it down!! :( was very very sweet though and the texture was good - the apple flavour was gross though, i think the original has the potential to be ok though - will report back 2moo after i try it!!

When I was on the diet before, the porridge had only just come out so we only had the original. I used to add 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon, so if you fing the apple cinnamon too sweet try that.


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It's ok, it is very sweet though be warned. You don't need to add sweetener to it. It tastes like ready brek to me.
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I didn't like the porridge the first time I ate it, then tried it again after a week and I think my tastebuds have changed, because now I actually like it. Both the normal and the apple/cinnamon one :)


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I used to love a&c one but now just can't stand it anymore.
However, I am all for a plain one - just can't get enough.
Your taste will change throughout your CD journey - you'd have to try everything first so you know what you really like and what's a big no no for you xxx
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I tried the porridge the other night (apple and cinnamon) and really had to force it down with a pint of water! I don't like the original either! saying that, I live on chocolate tetra and chocolate and strawb packs! lol. everyones taste is different xx
MMmmMmMmm YUM!! The original porridge is soooo nice!! Its lovely. I could eat it all day every day. I like it because it feels like i am getting something solid on my tummy instead of shakes or soups. Each to your own i guess. But for me its so nice hehe!! xxx
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i used to like the porridges at first but gone off them now, i used to add a bit off mixed spice in both of them, some people even add a bit of their shake powder in to them as well to give it a bit of different taste


please try again
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eh were all different so give them a go and see how you get on

there not something i like but then i do live on just choc mint shakes, lol


running strictly on fat!
S: 13st4.1lb C: 11st8lb G: 10st7.7lb BMI: 27.7 Loss: 1st10.1lb(12.95%)
See, it's funny as I am not big fan of choclate mint shake...
Don't dislike it -I just won't rave abt it LOL
How different we all are x


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I love the original, I use to love a&c one but can't stand it now, found it too sweet.

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