Is the jury still out?


I ate my willpower!
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Hi Everyone

On my first week back on SW, I did EE and I lost 1lb. So last week I did a red week and lost 1.5lbs, although AF came yesterday morning. So I am undecided as to whether to carry on with a red week or to have a go on EE or to try alternate days?

Any thoughts?
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Personally, I have decided that EE is something I will do only occasionally when I am having a day that requires both free foods as I use my HE's on bread and Alpen Lights so I would lose out. It depends really on which will give you the most freedom in your menu


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I'm a huge fan of alternating at the moment so I seem to be doing 2-3 EE days, 1-2 green days and 2 red days. (or something like that!) I miss my HEXs too much on EE days but if I alternate it every other day then I find it suits me.

Don't know how I'll do weight wise. Lost 3.5lb last week doing this (but 1lb of that was christmas/NY weight!) and this week I don't think I'll lose much as I don't feel like I've been organised or keeping track of my syns. I've just been doing them in my head which makes me feel unsure of myself!! I also think star week is coming up and feeling a bit bloated. Shall find out tomororw night!


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I have done EE for 2 weeks and again this week!? xxA


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I did EE last week & lost 4lbs.. it was my first week on the wagon since after crimbo so that might have affected it.. but I'm doing it this week too..

love it love it!



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i must admit i am enjoying it. I made a meat sheperds pie last night and its sooooooooooooooooooooo much better than quorn but i dont like meat too mcuh so have always stuck to green days!


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I like to alternate. I had a red day on Friday, two EE days at the weekend, and have done green yesterday and today. I miss my hex b's on an EE day, but it's good for weekends when I have time for a cooked brekkie.


I ate my willpower!
S: 21st6.0lb C: 21st6.0lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I think that I may alternate and see how that goes. I will have a red day today, then an EE day tomorrow and then red day etc etc and see what sort of loss I get on Monday. Thanks x