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Total Solution is their a limit on ....

I heard somewhere on here that it should just be a 'treat'. I don't drink cokezer/dr pepper zero anyway so can't give you much input i'm afraid! Good luck finding the answer. :)


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I drink it like it's going out of fashion and doesn't seem to affect my losses but can make you a bit gassy (!) if you have too much...x
im gassy anyway lol i dont have loads but i brought coke zero cans and i have ild say 2 a day then ild have 1/2 glasses of dr peper zero as i say its the only thing keeping me going


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Like others have said I have a glass at night time for a treat.

I picture a pint of Guinness and pork scratchings as I'm drinking it......
Like others have said I have a glass at night time for a treat.

I picture a pint of Guinness and pork scratchings as I'm drinking it......
Lol ilike to have a glass of Dr Pepper Zero perhaps every other night and i pretend it's a JD and coke ;-)
I read somewhere on here that Tescos own high juice, blackcurrent was ok, i checked today and its true! Contains malic acide not citric. Yay! Cheap way of getting juice down you without all the fizz. I drink coke zero too, just I try to limit it to max of 2 per day otherwise im bloated.


Here we go again!
Most days I have 1 can of Coke Zero and at the weekends a little more. Hasn't effected my losses so far!
Does anyone know......are all the 'zero' drinks ok. I have fanta zero but my new favourite is SPRITE zero!!
I agree with you mrspage2b, my evening drinks of fizzy are keeping me going.

I use them how i used to use snacking in the evening which is a good lesson to learn as i obviously don't need unhealthy snacks to get that 'treating myself' feeling.
It feels like a treat and the fizz fills me up.
i had sprite zero but then iread the lable and it has citric acid in so we cant have it :( but my kids enjoyed drinking it as i never alow them to have fizzy drinks
I have noticed i was a little bloated last night after haveing loads of the stuff as i had that horried tast in my mouth which i seem to be getting everyday in the evenings
Watch out for that citric acid! But kids loving the treat. I stick to just having coke zero in an evening and max of two cans; it tastes so sweet after all the water and does feel like such a treat. It must be what works for you as we are all different. If drinking more means you stick to the diet and not looking in the fridge then it's a compromise worth making! Keep it up - the weight is going the right way :D

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Bum. Given the zero sprite and fanta to OH and got the coke zero for me. Don't like it so much but better than nothing!
So glad I came across this thread, was wondering exactly the same! :)

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