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Is there a certain food you just won't allow yourself to have?

A few people at my group wouldn't dare touch bread even though they can have it as a HE B, to them its the devils food :confused: I have 2 slices every day for breakfast and its done me no harm! Some won't touch chocolate, I personally couldn't live without it!

Is there something you stay away from even if you're allowed to have it?
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I havent had bread much since i started. I used to eat loads of it and if i have just a bit i want more and more!
As for chocolates, its quite similar, however i can buy just a small bar and then i can stop. i dont have it often though as i dont want to slip back into bad habbits! Bread to me is the DEVIL ha ha ha x


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nope I eat whatever I want according to the plan, however bread is very restricted - indeed the food of the devil, for me its not the 2 slices I'm allowed but the lure of the rest of the loaf.......


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"Give us this day our daily bread"
...and for this reason I have bread EVERY day! Jesus doesn't look fat in any of his pictures! ;) That's my logic and I'm sticking to it. Not that I'm particularly religious but people have eaten bread for EVER and I'm quite sure the reason we all joined SW is not because we ate too much bread.

Brie, Pizza, KFC and Devils Food Cake ARE the reason I'm here and I haven't touched either since I started.
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Yep -me :D -when I started SW I was well aware of my trigger foods so went cold turkey on
  • Bread
  • cakes
  • crisps
  • chocolate
  • pastries
  • sweets
I fully intended re-introducing them once I had got them under control but Im about 15months down the line now and last week was the first time I had any bread (although it was nimble) -and I had 2 slices for brekkie this morning -and I can't say Im bothered by eating it again on a regular basis. Its the first bread I have bought in about 5 years -I always make my own bread/tortilla wraps etc.
I still haven't had any of the other things and I really don't miss them -truth be told I can't remember what they taste like now :D
I guess we are all different and what I do wouldn't work for others but for me its spot on ;)
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I am like Cai, I never eat bread now, as two mingy little slices would never be enough, I would want the whole loaf and would feel totally deprived at settling for those two - and if I had toast I would have to have butter on it. So it is easier for me just to stay away from it totally. I have pogen crisp rolls or Ryvita for my HEX - I enjoy them but don't crave them as I do bread.

Other than bread there is nothing I have cut out - I haven't really got a sweet tooth but if I fancy some chocolate I will have it, using my syns, but I am more likely to have crisps instead as I love salt (I know, I shouldn't!).
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YUP! Bread and biscuits, cause im totally addicted to them both and that means i wont stop!
I cannot simply have two biscuits, or three, it would be 6 or 7, same with bread, i wont just eat 2 small 400g loaf pieces from a wholemeal loaf, i want asda tiger bread and butter! lol so i simply dont bother!

I refuse most foods that are beige! beige foods are bad! pastry, pasties, cake, biscuits, bread, white pasta, crisps etc!! ha ha


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I eat very little bread, as I was finding that even if I ate bread as a Hex I'd STS. It's ok to eat every so often for me, but not daily :) As for other things...I cannot buy crisps, biscuits, sweets or chocolate as I have no control!! I turn into some sort of monster if I know they're in the house, lol! :D xx


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Biscuits and kettle chips for me. I can't just have two biscuits it simply isn't enough, id have to eat the whole packet. I'm the same with kettle chips too... I'd have to eat the large bag.
I forgot I can't have Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, OMG I would eat the whole bag (large bag) and would also have to have a bottle of wine with them! :eek: so they are banned from my house! :sigh:


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Crisps anything and everything! I used to eat 3/4 packs a day and I had to cut them out completely for ages but I have been doing sw for a year now and occasionally have a packet! Double cream ice cream is something I havent and will probably never have again!! Mmmmmm lol!


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Pizza! There are soooo many syns in a proper pizza. I know there are SW versions but they're not the same.
Pizza & Danish Pastries, mcd's, burger king, kfc.
But mainly because i can't eat them within the daily syns. Not cos they are trigger foods. Still not sure what mine are tbh.
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Bread because on EE I prefer another HEXB bran flakes with muller. if I can't have butter. I put a small loaf in freezer 9 weeks ago,if I fancy a bacon sandwich,like tonight's supper I take 2 slices out. I've done that 3 times in ten weeks. I love bread. I've had to have a red day to do all this

I am not drinking alcohol because it makes me starving and all my willpower would go.
Dominoes pizza obviously. Un synable!


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kingleds said:
Pizza & Danish Pastries, mcd's, burger king, kfc.
But mainly because i can't eat them within the daily syns. Not cos they are trigger foods. Still not sure what mine are tbh.
I feel a bit like that with things, i cant do just one slice of pizza im afraid! Its easier to go without. I will still have the odd takeaway tho on wi night, days off plan etc, i just accept the gain on the scales.

I generally dont eat much bread as i only like white and use my syns on it, so dont like doing it everyday.
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Any full fat butter/marg

Plus the usual junk food (biscuits, crisps, sweets you know the usual suspects)


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I still eat everything I used to just in much smaller quantities and less often. I still cook with oil and butter, I eat honey, sugar, chocolate etc. The main thing I don't eat anymore is white bread because wholemeal & nimble white are good enough, I'm just happy bread is part of the SW plan! I also don't eat pastries from the lovely French cafe near my house anymore :( I don't bother with them because I have no idea how to syn them as they're not packaged and even if I could they'd probably be a million syns anyway and not worth it. When I get to target I can indulge once in a while :D Oh and I don't cook with flour, since I discovered smash potato flakes I use it to thicken sauces and casseroles!

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