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Is there a kind way to tell someone they're overweight ?

I know its only words, but I'm here as a result of seeing a letter from the hospital to my doctor, saying I was not a suitable candidate for surgery on my nose to help my breathing because I was morbidly obese. That hurt !:cry::cry::cry:

When I was in Los Angeles, I had to see a doctor after a car crash when I was hit by a drunk driver. The medical report described me as "well nourished" !! much kinder don’t you think ? :cool:
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Actually I don't! I think sometimes those harsh words can be the kick up the bum we need (as in your case!) so it's cruel to be kind. I only like to be called cuddly by people who ACTUALLY cuddle me! Americans will call thin people 'healthy' but they may not actually be healthy. Just because you are over weight does not mean you are well nousished at all. Fat people can get malnutrition!

I like to call a spade a spade and if the medical profession wanted to label my size I'd rather they did it with real words that are relevant rather than soft soap it to make me feel better!
I'm with Taz on this one I prefer plain speaking and as Taz said it could be the kick up the bum some people need...dont dwell on it too much chick...xx
Well nourished smaks of someone being overly PC. Like vertically challenged etc, that kind of thing.

Im with the others with the plain speaking and to be honest he may be doing you a favour. Morbidly obese lets the hospital know exactly how overweight you and and will probably give you a better chance of your op. 'Well nourished' could mean carrying a few extra lbs.


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I agree with the others. More to the point, it's not just plain speaking, it's medical terminology to state what catagory you are in, in terms of weight. It's not meant to be nasty or offend you...just that's the terminology doctors use.

Well nourished on the other hand doesn't say anything about your weight. You can be slim and well nourished, and fat and completely under nourished.

Oh...just seen Sandy has stated something similar :D
I do agree with you regarding the direct approach. Although I wasn't meant to see that letter, for me anyway, it did the trick and flicked a switch in my head ! :confused:

I just found the understated American approach amusing. A bit like saying Hitler was a little bit naughty or Idi Amin a little bit black :cool:


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Makes you wonder though, if that's the way the professionals play down peoples weight in America then you can see why obesity is such an issue over there!

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