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Is there a limit to the amount of 0 pinted items I can have

I was just wondering with WW is there a limit to the amount of 0 pointed items I could have in a day. The only reason I ask is for example I love the 0 pointed jelly and could easily eat a whole mixing bowl of the stuff. I'm starting to make the soups and if it were filling enough I could easily see me eating 2-3 bowls of that a day, maybe more...

My OH loves diet pepsi but surly even at 0 points there has to be a limit to how much of that he could drink a day?

I'm trying to substitute snacks with 0 pointed stuff to help make my points last a whole day, but don't want to end up eating to much without realising it..
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I've always been convinced that with the zero points stuff (and I could be wrong) you'd have to eat (or drink) tons of the stuff and you'd actually be full before you could eat enough for it to be pointed.

Back when I did weight watchers online I looked at how much, for example, Pepsi max I'd have to drink before it started to be pointed and it was something ridiculous like 20 cans of the stuff (even I can't drink that and I'm the fizzy drink queen).

I think you'll be okay.
Thanks for that, cause I find it hard not to go over my points so try to eat as many 0 pointed things as possible to help me out...
I'm sure I heard my leader say that if you have 1 of the sugar free jelly pots its free but if you have more than 1, you have to count them as half a point - maybe I dream't it!!! Logic would say that, in terms of calories, you would need a lot to actually cause you to gain weight but I've just got that thought rattling round in my head! Hope I'm wrong cos I love em!!! xxx
Well I suppose I shouldn't worry to much about it, as I (and I know this might be wrong) have once or twice gone about 1/2 a point over my limit, but as I do exercise on my Wii and also go walking 4-5times a week while not using my exercise points, I'm hoping I should be ok..
I don't think thats a problem cos it sounds like you're definitely earning more than half a point with all that exercise! Wish I had your energy!!!! LOL!!!! XXX


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Hartleys sugar free jellies are amazing, especially the blackcurrant flavor.....my mouth is watering right now....ooh!!!


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Can someone explain how these exercise points work??? I don't know much about it.

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