Is there any way to find out how long it took you all?

I am SO inspired by all of your stories and photos but haven't seen many people with a weightloss time line, a lot have tickers but no dates, jsut fantastic weight losses :)


hiya... interesting that you say that cos i saw something on the discovery website about people listing their weight loss in a kind of weekly style as well as using their trackers cos it is easier to see how quick everyone is losing!!!

might start a new thread for this!!

Gen x
I dont think there is a thread, its a cracking idea for one though...Mini what do you think?

Up to last Sunday it was 12 weeks, (3 months) and I had lost 3 stone 9lbs, Im hoping to get near the 4 stone mark on my next weigh in on Sunday x
just checking it out with Mini at the moment to see the best way to set this type of thread up.... i'll be back!!!!
oh fab, glad to be of service LOL

Thanks for the info Vicky, you are doing AMAZINGLY well and look fantastic :) That's just the sort of time scale I need to hear, especially with the dreaded Christmas Binge Period coming bang in the middle of my time on a VLCD!!!!
Gen has started a new thread in chit chat so log on and have a look!!!!
I've just started Week 18 and I have lost 5 stone. I predict I will be a healthy weight in time for Christmas, about mid December...
I started CD on 24th February - so 8 months ago now.

In that time I've lost 7 stone 5 lbs and am just 4 lbs away from being a BMI 25 (11 stone for my height of 5'6"). I'd like to be around 10 stone so still a 'work in progress' :) .

Good luck with your own weightloss journey, honey.
I started my weight loss journey 16th August, 2005 on Lipotrim and at the beginning of May I had gone from 17st. 12lbs. to 11st.6lbs....then I lost the plot:rolleyes: struggled on and off the wagon and got back SSing again at the end of August and I am now down from a high of 13st. 4lbs.:eek: to 11st. 10lbs.

Love Mini xxx