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Is there anyone who needs to lose over 10 stone????


i will be slim
:)Hi is there anyone out there who

needs to lose over 10 stone? or have

so far?:)

i need to lose 13 stone to start off with to get down to wot i was 4yrs ago

im in the end of my second week and get weighed 2moro

my sucess so far--

week one (-11 lbs)
week two(?) getting weighed 2moro!!:D

i have 12 stone 3lbs to go i need to get at least this off by september 2011!!!!!:cry:

do u think this is possible????

anyone out there done it?
or knows someone who has???

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Still rockin' it
Hi Tanny

Although not more than 10, my target is to lose 8 stone and I am almost there. I may then try for an extra stone after that, but will see when I get to target.

This has taken me 2 years but I lose at a slow, steady pace. Can i ask the reason why you 'need' to lose 13 stone by September 2011? I am sure this can be done with 100% consistent effort, but am always a bit dubious about setting targets that are very high and have a set time frame. I know some people find these motivating, but to ask someone to be 100% for 17 months is pretty tough, and may have the opposite effect on your motivation.

When I started I found it easier to look at in in half stone chunks- once I had lost an extra 7lbs I added a silver charm to my charm bracelet, felt great then knuckled down to the next 7lb- I think when you have a lot to lose it makes it hard if you look at the end goal as it seems so far away.

You CAN get there if you approach this sensibly and realistically- this is not only about dropping the fat it is also about changing your relationship and approach to food for the rest of your life and that takes time.

You have made a FANTASTIC start with your first week loss, and I truly wish you the best of luck for the rest of your journey- stick around on here for lots of support, tips and motivation

I now have 10 stone to lose and fully believe its possible to do it with slimming world, at a healthy loss of 2lbs a week it will take me 70 weeks to get to target, so taking into account ups and downs im working on the theory of just under 2 years and I should deffo be there any quicker is a bonus.
There is every chance you could do it in 15-16 months and you have nothing to lose by trying, if you dont get there you will at least be lighter than you are now.

Im wary of setting targets that are so huge and by such a strict deadline date as it makes it more difficult to stick to plan, unless there is a really good reason for the definate target I wouldnt do so as it could have the opposite effect

Best of luck xx


i will be slim
Hi cocktail princess!!

thanx for your reply,
wow 8 stone that is fantastic!!!
i bet you feel like a new women!
i set myself a goal for sept 2011 coz that is when i go on holiday for the first time in 5yrs!
i cannot go the way i am i so despartly need to get this weight off its ruinning my life
i feel i need to give myself something to work towards otherwise it seems impossible!!
congrats again with your fantastic weigh loss u must be so proud of yourself!!!



i will be slim
hiya gene genie,

im glad there are people like me out there with a large amount to lose.

i sometimes feel like im the only one lol

i see you both ladies are very local to me im based in bolton!!

i wish u both sucess with your weight losses

gene genie we both have lost 11lbs and both need to lose between 135-175lbs!!! more!!

lets hope we can do it!!

11lbs lighter!!!!!!!
12 stone 3lbs to go!!!



Silver Member
Hi. I don't have 10 stone to lose now, but I did when i started.

I have lost 7 and have 3 to go.

I know exactly how it feels to have such a long journey ahead, but it is really worth it.

Feel free to pm me if you want to, and good luck x


Still rockin' it
Thanks, mate!

Good luck for your target. Try and take it one stage at a time as it can seem so daunting. Every single pound lost is a step closer to your goal. There will be ups and downs along the way and this is not for wimps, but if you as determined and motivated as you sound, there is no reason why your life cannot change from this moment on.

Best of luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(p.s. as you are local, there is a new market stall in Wigan foodhall that has started selling syn free sausages which are FIT- I think it's called 'The Sausage Stall' (imaginative name, eh?))

Thanks hon x its not going to be easy but we can both do it thats for sure ! stick around here and it makes the whole thing seem so much easier

and Cocktail princess I now love you
woohoo im off to Wigan on saturday I miss Sausages and the Morrisons ones just dont cut it


Will be thin god dammit!!
I started needing to lose 8 stones and have so far lost 10lbs in 4 weeks which Im chuffed with.
I have a wedding in May 2011 and my 10th wedding anniversary in July 2011 - I will be slim then godammit!!!!
We are all here to support each other - you can do it!! :eek:)
according to the BMI charts i have over 10 st to loose, but in reality i was 7st lighter and i looked great and i was comfy and healthy at that weight. so 7st for me and sod the BMi chart


i will be slim
mmm sausages is all i have to say too that lol cheers cocktail princess !!

i think i will also go into wigan and get some they will be great in this weather on the bbq!!

melarnz wow 7 stone that is fantasic!
how long has it taken you?

moomintrolljen congrats with your weight loss so far good luck with your target and wot your aiming for!!

this site is brilliant only came across it this morning and i ant get off it lol

lets all help each other for those who have just started(like me)
and for all those who are nearly there


11LBS LIGHTER!!!!!!!!!


i will be slim
Captain nemo i agree with u completly

if i went by wot mine says then id have to lose like 20 stone +!!!!!!
i think its wot ever your comfortable with!!

i just wanna get 2 wot i was before i was still a size 18 and weighed 17stone! but i was happy!
and that too me now compared to my 30 stone frame and a size 32+ is wonderfull,i will take it fom there once i get back down to it if i wanna lose more i will but my goal is that

11lbs lighterrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
now 29.6 stone....getting there lol


Gold Member
I had 7 stone to lose at the start of my journey, so i am left with 4.5 to go - I think you need to break it down into small chunks and attack each one....you already smashed your first half a stone award in your first week, so all i want to do is wish you all the luck in the world - stay focused, you CAN do it!

Welcome to Minimins too - love EB x
Holds hand up.:eek: Helloooo I do, to be within BMI healthy range then I think it's 21 stone I need to lose or something. Ignoring BMI though for now as it seems far too much to deal with. A bit at a time, 7 1/2 stone is my first big target which would take me to a nice round 25 lol....nearly half way there in 12 weeks so yay. Then I'll take it another 5stone at a time. Good luck and well done with your first week, I had a similar loss on my first week and it felt amazing!


i will be slim
lovely laura,u have just bought a tear to my eye,you are the first person ive come across who is like me in size,
why u ask has it bought a tear to my eye,coz i always feel like im on my own with me being this size and no one else is like me,i feel u must understand as u are slimilar!

how long has it taken you 2 lose 3 stone?


i will be slim
ellebear i agree with you in breaking it down,i think that is my down full i keep thinking oh my god i need to at least lose 13 stone to get down to wot i was then take it from there,

my mile stone is also 25 lovely laura as i cant remember when i was this weight lol
I know exactly how you feel, I get all excited when I see someone similar in size to me as it proves I'm not alone! We can help each other along.:D

It's been 12 weigh in's so far and I'm 48lbs down. The first 2 months were great, lovely big losses, the last 4 weeks not so good though I've stuck to it completely I've managed just 1 day over syns and that was only by 4, I don't tend to have all of them everyday anyway so feel quite proud of myself. Hoping the losses pick up a bit sometime but enjoying the food so much that it's not getting me too down. It's totally unheard of for me to stick with something and not cheat myself. 1lb off 3 1/2 so should get that tomorrow.:)
me! I needed to loose 11 and a half stone when I started. I keep having blips but I'm on a downward journey and that's what's important.


Hi Tanny, count me in.

I have 10 1/2 stone to lose, its my 25 week and have lost 4 1/2 stone, so a long way to go yet.

Good luck in your bid to lose weight, minimins will keep you on track, it is hard work you will do it.

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