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Is there anything i can do ???


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I had a night out on Sat where i had intended to be very good,it started well as i kept track of all my syns, came home without a kebab.................and then ate the contents of my kitchen cupboard. :wave_cry:

I dont know how many syns bit inc my drink im guessing around 70 - 80. SO, i was back on plan 100% y/day and will be till WI Wednesday and im in the gym tonight.......apart from eating loads of SS foods and drinking lots is there anything else i can do ?

i should have just got a blinkin kebab!!

im so angry with myself as im doing a fish week and was really starting to feel the benefits and now i think i have undone all my good work......stupid stupid vodka.


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If you have stuck to plan for the other 6 days of the week you will probably be ok. I've only gone over my syns once, and used about 70 too many, over 2 days. That week I lost 3lbs, which was better than most other weeks! But not gonna try it again!

Think doing what you say, eating superfree and a bit extra exercise will help. So good luck, hope your weigh in isstill a good one.


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You haven't blow it ...the best thing you did is get back on plan -so Well done on that! Keep to plan and maybe limit your syns and you should be fine!
When I have a bad day, i try to stick to 5 syns a day for the rest of the week. It works for me :)


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thanks guys!!! i have been very very good y/dayand today and same tomorrow - fingers crossed i can pull it back.
I'm also trying to pull it back - I had 134 syns over 2 days. Not great!!! Have been drinking 3L water a day, exercising every day and not having more than 6 syns a day. Fingers crossed it works but I'll be happy to STS. Actually, that's not true, I'll be happy with any loss but will accept a STS or a small gain as my due...


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i REALLY need to see a loss this week, my first week last week i sts!!!!
good luck!
im not sure, i think it mioght have been the SF thing but i was also really 'stuffed up' if you know what i mean!!!! i have been a SW angel for 2 weeks now apart from my blip on Saturday so need to see something in return now!!!!
i wengh in Wednesday am at home.

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