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Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH fruit?

I went shopping yesterday and stocked up on lots and lots of fruit and decided to bring my (huge, overflowing) fruit bowl upstairs on put it on my desk. I work from home and snack a lot while I'm at the computer, so I thought that having the fruit next to me would mean that, at least if I'm snacking a lot, it'll be something healthy.

Anyways, my point is, between me and DH, we've eaten almost half the bowl. In 1 day! I don't mind having to stock up regularly, but is it possible to eat too much fruit? I know it probably won't affect my weight loss in a negative way, but is there anything else it could affect / cause?

I just wanted to make sure there'll be no bad side effects if we end up polishing off the rest of the bowl :p
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Too much fruit can have you running to the toilet - Too many grapes do that to me!!
Hehe. Well, yes, there is that. Fortunately, I've never really had this problem. Maybe because I've always eaten lots of fruit and veg. I've always been ultra-regular, like clockwork, but I find that this never changes regardless of what I eat :p

Is that the only downside to eating vast amounts of fruit?
Well too much of anything is often not great diet wise. 600 calories too much from fruit is just as bad as 600 calories too much from crisps, so just remember to stop eating when you're full and you should be fine!
Aha. this is true, Jenny! And I think is is partially my problem. I have a hard time telling when I'm actually full. It's almost like I "miss" the feeling. That usually happens when I'm busy and have my mind on something else. Then before I realise it, I feel all bloated.

Maybe I'll have to limit myself a bit more, it would seem there are some bad points to eating large amounts of fruit :p I'll start on the veg instead ;) lol

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