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Is this goal unreasonable?


I am going back to California the end of May this year for my mother's 90th birthday. I know I won't be at goal, but I want to really blow everyone away. And I want to make my mom happy and proud and I want her to see me slim again.... I would love to be at goal but I know that is not possible, so I want to be as far as I can be. I want to be under 200 lbs, for sure. So I have set a ticker for this goal, of 72 pounds, roughly 5 stone. That puts me at about 180 lbs, which is less then when I left America by about 20-30 pounds I reckon.

Do you think I am aiming too high? (Or too low!) I would love it so much, to show my friends and family and doubters that I CAN succeed. <sigh> I seems like a lot to ask for....just wondered what you all thought?
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Gosh, i dont know. It seems a bit high..does it? How does it ratio out with your weight loss so far.
Funny thing with mothers isn't it? The need to impress. I can relate to that perfectly. You have nothing to lose though have you by aiming for it? Or would you really feel knocked back if you didn't reach the goal. Ohhhhhhhh, i don't know!
Sorry to be of no help whatsoever.


constantly confused
The problem with setting goals like that, is that it's kind of out your control (as long as you stick to the diet!)

I would just set the goal 'to still be on plan and looking fabulous' cos you can definitely do that :party0011:
Its not so much I want to impress her....she has never ever made me feel bad about my weight, its just something I would love to give her. Me happy, I suppose it what it really amounts too.

I have lost 2 stone (but 3 ounces! lol) by my 5th weigh in, so the weight is shifting quickly but I know as with all diets it will slow down.

I won't be gutted if I didn;t make it - because even if I came close, or even only 4 stone - it would be magic. But I would just LOVE to be less then I have been in YEARS for them all to see - its not a "I told you so" thing at all....it's just for so many years, I have always been the fattest child/sibling, friend, relative, etc. It would be SO nice to feel normal, even though I would still be 40 away from goal - I just want them to see that I am not a horrible fat lazy slob. Then maybe they would understand why I got here in the first place - that it was sadness that got me here, not glutteny. :( I don;t know. It just means so much to me, to be able to hold my head up amongst them all. Its all for me, no one has made me feel bad - except my brothers, but those days are long long ago.....maybe I am shooting too high.
The problem with setting goals like that, is that it's kind of out your control (as long as you stick to the diet!)

I would just set the goal 'to still be on plan and looking fabulous' cos you can definitely do that :party0011:
Yeah, I know what you mean - I just get a buzz out of these tickers, and using them as a tool - I know I just have to stay on plan, and that much is out of my control....but there is at least a little input I could contribute, like a little extra water each day, a bit more exercise, etc. :)

I just worry so much - 90 years old is old......- and I am over here 6000 miles away, and only get to see her once a year.........:cry:........I don;t want to run out of time. :(

(Greenock Gal, I hope this doesn;t upset you - I think our chat today kind of got me thinking about stuff. I'm sorry if it does. XX)


constantly confused
I don't think you're shooting too high, it's definitely do-able but it depends on whether your body wants to co-operate or not. Bloody bodies :mad:

I know how you feel about wanting to show people you're not what they thought. My mum announced my cousin was getting married. My first thought was 'I hope they invite me because I'll be slim by then' so a definite 'show off' moment. I remember a conversation we had about eating kangaroos (we're an odd family) and my uncle mused that the tail would be tasty. I said I thought it would be too tough because of it being so muscly, and that fatty bits would taste nicer. He said 'yeah I suppose, you'd taste great then' and I was really upset by that comment.

Would love to see him all skinny so I could show them I'm not some kind of inadequate human being.

I think you've got tons of insight into yourself, and your goals, and you have a brilliant attitude to weight loss so if setting a goal would make you excited and keep you motivated, then it's a great idea.

If you come a few pounds short and beat yourself up over it, I'll have to give you a slap :gen144:
BL, you are doing great and you are going to look fab when you see your mum! One of the eye opening things for me when I lost weight was that even before I got near my goal I looked and felt so great! So even if you don't get to target you'll be feeling so much better and looking brill!
I think one of the things you have to remember when you set a 'tough' target that not achieving it ISNT failure.

Ive stopped doing targets by a specific date, after setting one for my parents Ruby Wedding in Sept 07. I got so fixated on reaching my target I started to see my losses as a failure because I didnt think Id make my target. Instead of seeing them as success because I was still doing so well.

By all means set the goal but DONT get disheartened if you dont make it
Hi BL,

Just found your post, after our chat today I thought I'd have a search for it.

Your mum loves you no matter what, she will love to see you, and you will look fab, look at the comments I've been getting and I'm still 2 stone off target!!!

You will look fab and feel fab, and you'll be able to give your mum the biggest of hugs (give her a big hug from me too!!)

And stick 2 big (but slim!) fingers up at those brothers of yours!!!:p:p:p

We're both aiming for May, my 40th is then, and I want to be at goal for my mum, so we can support each other :hug99:

We can do it!!



Happily pro pointing!
BL you are doing fabulously, you are going to look fantastic whether you reach your goal or not. Your mum will love you and be proud of you no matter what.

I can't wait to see my mum either, We are going down on 11 April and will be just finishing RTM (I am condensing it a bit). I know she is going to be wowed, she hasn't seen me quite like this since I was a kid. I know I saw her at Xmas but there will be another 2 stone difference by then.
Thank you EVERYONE!!! I know this type of diet is rather out of our control, in the my body will shed what is sheds...I can;t cut any calories, etc., so I honestly won;t be devestated if I dont actually HIT that goal....but it would be a dream! I like the little tickers - they are motivational for me...I love adjusting the figures, so I decided to put one up with that goal. But who knows. Even if were just 4 more stone I owuld be happy, but that would put me sort of where I was for many of the years bbefore I moved over here - It would be GREAT to go a little further, for a real impact.

But I will be happy with what I get!

ANd my mom has never ever made me feel bad about my weight.....so its really in a way more for my happiness too, if that makes sense. I would just love to look REALLY different. I have been a different size each visit....one year up, the next down, then ack or above the trip before....so this would be fantastic. So I will WILL my body to let go of stone! LOL

ANd yes Les - lets make May our target for celebrating our successes!!!! XX

Hi Blonde Logic! I am doing the same as you, trying to lose before I go back to Wisconsin this summer to see my family and attend my 10 year class reunion. You are doing SO well and have lost SO much...keep it up.

You will looking amazing and your mom will be so happy and proud of you because you will be happy and proud of yourself!
Thank you Toller and Mandee!!! Very much !! :)

Mandeee - you are another yank then! :D I am from California, and the end of this year is my *cough* *cough* 30th *cough* *cough* high school reunion! Hoping to go to that too!! Good luck to you!!! And have a great time when you do get there!!! X

I admire your guts and determination (could you send some my way). You are such a lovely person that your mum would love you if you only had one eye and warts all over cause we all do and we dont know if you have one eye and warts:D

wow Lady how did you guess about the one eye and warts :D
Well done for your loss so far BL, as was said earlier, its a bit beyond your control as to the actual weight, but considering that the average weight loss is 3 stones per month and its three and a half months till the end of May, then you should lose at least a further three and a half stones by then xxx

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