Is this good practice from a CDC???

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  1. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member


    Just a little gripe.

    I have just gottren back ont he diet after eating normal food for the last 3 weeks and emailed my CDC to say so and order 2 weeks worth of stuff.

    I am going away to my parents today and asked if she could drop of stuff today (short notice I know but I usually give plenty - it was a last minute journey). SHe said she has to order the stuff and couldn'rt drop it off until friday but she did have about 10 packs in stock. I explaiend my situation and asked her if she could drop of what she has, I'll pay and if she could drop the rest off next week.

    SHe said that "it is not economically viable".

    I am really pissed off. This is a woman who (from reading this site I can tell) has not been councellor of the year. She has NEVER weighed or measured me, doesn't even ask how my weigh is going, she is in and striaght out and is simply itching to get the money in her hands. I even introduced a friend to her who has been on CD and she is making money from this woman.

    Am I right to be annoyed or am I being unfair?

    To solve the problem of this weekend, I thought about contacting the CDC for my parents area and getting a supply from her. What do you think?

    ANy help appreciated.

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  3. smoorecats

    smoorecats Full Member

    Weight Watchers
    Sounds like a great CDC:(

    I might be wrong but I can't see why you can't contact a C in your mums area?
    I'm sure someone will be along soon to set you straight! :)
    Best of luck


    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hiya hunny! :wavey:
    Although I appreciate every CDC works differently, it sounds like your CDC isn't following the normal Conduct rules. What you requested seemed very reasonable. I hold all appointments at my home, so don't travel out often, but perhaps she could have dropped off what she had, then POSTED out the rest if that worked better for her (you may have had to take on the postage costs though!). Not sure how far away you live to her, but maybe there is another CDC nearby that would be better all round? You certainly deserve a better level of support and attitude. Shame really, as tons of us CDC's bust a gut to do the best we can each 'n every day with our peeps! Your CDC isn't doing much to help keep the Cambridge reputation high.
    Good luck! I'd consider trying to locate an alternative CDC, plus maybe enlighten H.O. to the current service you do (or don't!) receive!
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  5. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member

    Hi Lainey,

    Thanks, I thought it was reasonable to...I wouldn't have even minded if she asked for postage costs.

    Just out of interest, where are you based? My aprents are in Waltham Abbey, Essex and that's where i am going in a few hours.....

    Thanks again,
  6. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member

    Thanks Sally.
  7. Hippy Chick

    Hippy Chick Member

    I would look for another CDC too. Your counsellor should at the very least weigh you regularly (otherwise how do they know if you're even eligible for SS or S2) ?

    To only have 10 packs sounds rather low as well - most CDCs have a resonable stock, unless in their first couple of months, so I would expect them to have at least one whole box of each flavour.

    Also, there shouldn't be a problem in posting the remaining packs to you.
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  8. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    Your CDC certainly doesn't sound very supportive at all :( & your request would be considered a reasonable one. Is there another cdc close by to you?

    My counsellor is great, on the odd occasion i have forgotton to take my packs to work with me (i work 12 hr night shifts) she has told me if i forget my packs don't munch, just 2 ring her & if her other half is at home she'd run some spares packs down to me & i can sort the money out another day!. (i haven't done it though i wouldn't want to take the p!ss). I'm just pointing out that my CDC goes out of her way to help her clients & i'm sure most do. Unfortunately you don't seem to have a very good one?!

    Hope you can get some whilst at your mums? Good
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  9. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    All CDCs should weigh at each visit. Measuring doesn't need to be done every week, but weighing should be frequent. If there's no weighing going on, how does a CDC know what BMI you are and therefore which plan to put you on?

    Personally, because this is what works for me I see everyone in my home without exception as I never have the time to deliver because of other commitments, so I've never made delivering an option. I know I have lost about 1 or 2 clients because I won't deliver, but I see about 45 on a good week. It wouldn't bother me if someone only needed to buy 5 sachets, it's all money coming in.

    It doesn't sound like you're getting the full service, is there anyone else you can see?
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  10. Karen1972

    Karen1972 Gold Member

    Can you not go round and pick them up yourself? Alternatively offer to pay the postage fees....
  11. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member

    Thanks for all replies.

    I can't go and get them from her because she lives in the middle of nowhere and my car not working right now. SHe always does deliveries too, no home visits...maybe this way she can be in and out really quickly.

    I think she may be the only one that does my area...will have to look into that.

    Reading your replies I can't believe she hasn't weighed me a single time! No support either...well I am glad I have you guys!

    Really hope I can comehow get some packs for this weekend......

  12. Debz

    Debz Cambridge Counsellor

    I hope you manage to sort something out too.

    Where abouts in Leicestershire are you? My husbands from Market Harborough.

    I can understand why some people want to deliver. In doing so you don't need to keep your house constantly tidy for visitors - mind you that doesn't bother me I'm the messiest person on the planet, but I keep my 'office' sort of habitable.

    But having said that it doesn't matter if a CDC delivers or not, there should still be weighing going on. :scale:
  13. LAINEY

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    Hi again Amina!
    Sorry to take so long to reply - have been with clients all day, and still have more to come yet! I'm based in North Grays, Thurrock. Can assure you there would be someone closer to where your parents live compared to me, or even where you live currently yourself, but if all else fails, I'd be happy to help you. From a practical point of view, perhaps another decent CDC out there may be reading this thread, can highly recommend another CDC for you who is alot closer. That would be more beneficial to you to gain the support, motivation, weigh-ins, etc that you require. Not that you been getting that anyways (!) but once you're with a fab CDC, you'll appreciate the difference!! Keep us posted hunny. Would be great to hear from you again with an update. Again, not to sound like a total cow, but you should really mention your current situation to CHWP. How can they monitor crappy CDC's if they're not told???!!!!! Take care!
  14. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member

    You are a star! Thanks xx
  15. LAINEY

    LAINEY Cambridge Diet Counsellor

    twinkle, twinkle!!!! :giggle:
  16. Misdee

    Misdee Silver Member

    i'm near waltham cross, theres a few CDC is the area i think.
  17. minamina11

    minamina11 Full Member

    Thanks Misdee, I'll check
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