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is this normal?

Hey guys
I have just completed my first day of atkins
Is it possible to get into ketosis this soon???
I started this morning and already have metal taste,watery mouth,bad breath and the worst headache in the world!!
For breakfast I ate,2eggs and bacon,lunch;mince meat,salad and boiled eggs,and after that I couldn't even think about food I felt so sick
I believe it is ketosis,but does anyone know why I would go into ketosis so quick?iv experienced this before when iv eaten little amount of carbs in the day( not dieting)!
And have even been to the docs about it,but all my blood tests came back fine, so anyone else experience this so quickly? Am I lucky or is it slightly strange? Any reply would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys xxx
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Hey Blossom, if you do not normally eat a lot of carbs you may have very little to get through before you go into ketosis. When I was doing some research the other day I found out that a lot of people go into ketosis every night - which is why some people get morning breath! In any case good luck with your plan and it's good that you are in ketosis so early. take care.
Thankyou for your reply
I usually eat tons of carbs, infact I used to live of bread,potatoes and rice lol very rarely touched meat!
But soon as I stop I get all these symptoms??! Which I can only guess could be ketosis!
I hope I am lucky enough to make the switch so soon! :D but just checking its "normal" I guess! I cannot stop weeing either! Loving this diet already :)
Thanks again for reply xx
hey blossom. I got into ketosis on day 3, but i have been on and off low carb for a long time now.
its good anyway - do you have the stix so you can check?


Still Climbing That Hill!
Im also quite quick going into ketosis usually im in k by day 3 have heard some people takes them around 5 or 6 days, those sticks arnt always accurate and even when in the big k can still show your not they didn't always work with me the last time i did Atkins i gave up buying them in the end lol
I'm in ketosis the first day back from holiday. :D I'm lucky like that.
thats fab Jim. Are you always in ketosis? how many carbs do you have on a typical day?
Oh no Vicky, On;y when I'm on induction pre/post a blowout love.

Normally on maint I'm at around 45 - 55 carbs a day I'd say. I don't actually count my carbs anymore, just at the moment though I'm on strict induction. :)
Not when I'm looking at my waistline and when I feel crap from carb overload Vicky. LOL, serves me right.

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