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is this normal?

yes lost nothing.... well half a pound and then went back on..... but only have a stone to loose so dyou think will just take time? was just hoping for a loss every week!!! Always hear of people loosing every week and kind of thought that might happen with me :)
did your consultant suggest you do a food diary and then show it to her next week? You could be eating something and not realising, like tomato sauce, butter or too much milk?
im doing it on own online..... but dont have milk or butter or sauces etc...

basically breaky is yogurt and fruit,
snacks is 2 light alpen bars or yoghurt again or fruit
lunch is salad, fish and potatoes or JP with salad
dinner is fish and veg or stir fry or salad and usually my syns are 10. I dont eat meat and dont eat bread really either. I have my HEb but not the A as dont really like cheese or milk...... ive always ate very healthy so wonder if my body is not seeing any difference? guuuurrrr just need the stone to come off :)
perhaps you need weetabix or porridge for breakfast. I would have fruit for snacks, with fat free yog. Do you know I dont think you are eating enough! I do green all the while as I am veggie. If I do a "proper" day to lose weight, I would have 2 weetabix, skimmed milk, and a banana. Snack carrot, celery and cucumber sticks. Lunch..Jacket with marmite and loads of baked beans, fat free yogurt. Apple and grapes in afternoon. Dinner either home made veggie curry and rice or slimming world chips egg and mushy peas. Syns are usually 2 snack a jacks, with quark and teaspoon of jam. I must try to do it tomorrow, but is my birthday and if chocolate should come my way it would be rude to refuse, wouldn't it? :)
that sounds good but am working late tonight and wont be on here but will get on here tommorow? Thanks for all your advice. My WI day is tomorrow and i had a sneeky peek earlier and a pound heavier!!! Im getting a bit upset now as am honestly really sticking to the diet. I like your idea about not eating enough!!! :) xxx Have a good day xxx
But I can tell you what ive planned for today:
activa and banana blueberries and strawberries for breaky
snack will be two aplen bars, grapes, satsumers and skips (as my syns)
Lunch is cous cous and crab sticks, tom, cucumber
Dinner is three egg omlette and salad and if got syns left will be a shape delight pot......

Does this sound ok??? xx
sounds ok to me...I have had a rotten coup0le of days started really good yesterday and then went out last night and they had nibbles....crisps, chocolate. Then I came home and was hungry so had banana and yogurt...I felt sick. Today not much better had brekkie an then had to go to work so just had a few crisps this afte4rnoon got home at 3.30 and was starving so had JP and banana and yogurt. Just had pasta and beans for dinner, but then had apple sponge and natural yogurt! always tomorrow...


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I too think you probably need to eat more - eating too few calories can lower metabolism and put your body into "starvation mode", i.e. it tries to gain weight. The other problem could be the lack of heA. Research shows that calcium is important for weight loss; for one thing it balances sodium and unbalanced sodium leads to water retention. I'm dairy intolerant so I can sympathise! If you don't like milk or milk alternatives, you could makes sure you get plenty of calcium from non dairy sources such as broccoli, cabbage, spinach, watercress, white beans (including baked beans!) etc. Also a couple of oranges a day have some calcium. Many nuts do too but not very SW friendly!

Good luck

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