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Is this normal

I have had a weird few weeks. Went a bit off the diet (personal troubles) then became addicted to the CD bars. Since then the past few weeks i have gone completely off the soups and other shake flavours. So i have been purchasing the choc and choc mint shakes only.

But i feel so ill :wave_cry: The past 2 or 3 days i have been feeling sick all day long. I struggle to get the shakes down me, but even water is a struggle today. I drank a glass of water and thought i was going to vomit. Is this normal to experience, i'm on week 8.
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also, i'm very constipated. Is it all connected?


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aawww poor you. I hope you're feeling ok...If you came off CD and are now just beginning again maybe you came out of ketosis and are now going back in....
I'm on day 4 and feeling yukky, felt dreadful on day 2.

Awww I hope you feel better soon. No doubt a CDC will be along soon to comfort you to. Just rest as much as you can. I hate feeling sick.... hugs for both of us xxx


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had a bit of constipation too today, bought DUFCOLAX, the joys of cd eh?? Hopefully the weight will drop off quickly so we can eat healthy 'FOOD' asap x
Hi want2bthin.

No it doesn't sound normal - It maybe that you have a bug??? But if not and it's down to Cambridge then you need to talk to your CDC.

Peoples tastes change, so wouldn't be worried about flavour change. ( I had one lady who only ever had strawberry shake!) But not being able to drink the water is not good, and probably a contributing factor in your constipation.

Why are you struggling to drink shakes/water??? Is it because you feel "full" - maybe the constipation. If I was you I'd get some ducolax and make yourself feel less bunged up. From what I've heard they are quite gentle and can be bought from chemists/supermarkets and even garages now!

From then on take things slowly. Drink your water throughout the day in sips not in one big glass. Divide your shakes in half and only have half at a time. Another method to try would be to make your shakes up into an ice cream - so you'll get the fluid, but not having to gulp large quantities of water. (Ice cream recipe is: crush ice cubes as small as you can with food processor/coffee grinder - add shake and a little water, wizz for 30secs - and you have huge bowl of yummy ice cream!) If this works for you then great ... if not you must see your CDC and if you are being/feeling sick drinking water you must see your GP or else you'll get dehydrated.

Hope you soon feel better.


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Constipation could certainly give you those symptoms. If you're impacted (severe build up in your bowel) you would indeed feel very nauseous, bloated, no appetite and generally very unwell.
Have you gone at all recently, any diarrhoea? I'd recommend speaking to your GP or Practice Nurse but of course it's Fri eve.
I'm a Registered Nurse so feel free to PM me for advice on what would be best for you to take, if you don't want to discuss it on the forum.

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