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Is this Quark? Please let it be!

Hi everyone.
So as some of you may know that I'm doing some work experience/voluntary work out in Romania
where nothing fat free or low fat is available unless it's
been imported. Well I went to Carrefour (a french supermarket)
and I found DIET CHEESE!
it has 0.1% fat. Made of skimmed pasteurised cow milk.
I had a tiny spoonful. It didn't taste of anything, maybe a
little sour/tangy. but apart from that, nothing.
Texture is a bit like Ricotta. Kind of a cross between
cottage cheese, cream cheese and ricotta. Is this Quark?lol
I know that it is available in Europe. Especially in these
Balkan countries. But finding it is proving difficult.

This translates to: Albalact diet cheese
skimmed pasteurized cow's milk 0.1% fat
clot and selected lactic cultures

This is what it looks like:

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Well it sounds CLOSE - looks a bit more like cottage cheese to me but whatever it is I would assume it's the closes relation you're going to find! Quark is usually smooth with no lumps.

Well done, now have fun cooking with it :) or just scoffing it right from the tub.


Full Member
I feel your pain weightykaty! It's so hard when you're abroad to know what to buy! Even when I was in France with all their great food, sometimes you just wish you could nip to sainsbury's or tesco's to get something that you know for a fact is healthy! Particularly when things don't always have all the nutritional info on them which is on pretty much everything here.

Good luck with this quark/pseudo-quark anyway!


Gold Member
If the fat is really that low - and if it doesn't have any added sugar or starch, then I think you should just go for it!

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