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is this right


The Diet Guy
Hiya Auj

I have heard people doing LighterLife mention that before on here but it wasn't in my contract when I did the diet.

I would question this with your counsellor and just clarify it.



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Hi u all, I have'nt been on the site for sometime.
How are you guys doing.
I need to know something, please correct me if I am wrong.
Have any of you experience having to pay a month in advance if you have missed two weeks of the programme and if you have, where abouts in the contract is it.:confused:

xx Auj

Oh dear! I hope you get your answer soon. xxx

In search of me

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Did you sign anything? Assume from your comments that they're asking for backdated monies? If so think thats out of order as you're effectively paying for the packs...if they are insiting then get the packs & sell them on ebay - may even make a profit!


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I have heard of it happening, but don't have personal experiences.

In Search Of Me's advice is sound though. I've been on EBAY and the LL packs and bars sell for far more than YOU pay. You could make a tidy profit!


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Just a note of caution - please think twice before anyone sells their extra vlcd packs on ebay. It is strictly prohibited as anyone could buy them - even diabetics - and that could be extremely dangerous for people who are contra-indicated from the diet.



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have you gone back into the same group, or are you now in a returners group?

I think some counsellors do charge returners to pay 4 weeks at a time? Did you ask your counsellor about it??


i have just joined a refreshers group and the LLC said that we were supposed to pay for 4 weeks in advance but she didn't think it was right and is letting up pay weekly like before. :)


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I think that explains why you usually have to pay four weeks in advance. I may be to do with motivating you to continue the four weeks - after all, you paid for it!


It is actually in the contract that you pay for every week you are part of the programme including weeks that you may miss for whatever reason. So if you gave up for a fortnight, had second thoughts and went back to the same group you would be expected to pay the 'back' weeks and receive the packs. However it doesn't say anything about paying in advance!

Also, in the contract you are signing to say you will use the packs within the lighterlife terms and conditions, ie you are not supposed to sell them on... but that choice is yours.



if they found out they might!

who's going to tell them though?