Is this syn free??


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Hiya, i've made my own version of our local chippy's Salt n Pepper chips!

So i make the syn free chips, using frylight - but i cover them in spices like Paprika, Chilli Powder or Chilli flakes.. then i oven bake them as required. When they are nearly done i fry (with frylight) some onions with a bit more spice (same again, i love spicy food!) throw the chips on top, spray a tad more frylight and gently fry them in the frying pan for a few minutes..

As far as i can see this is "free" but am not too sure on the spices?? Oh and i am on EE plan :D
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Yes that's fine - all herbs and spices are syn free


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fabulous!! its my new obbession, i've even invited friends round this week to try them lol


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That sounds really nice!!! I put salt, pepper, and cajun spice on my SW chips, but I think I'll be trying your version v soon ;)


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They sound delish!!!!