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  1. CoCo

    CoCo Full Member

    I have told a few friends that I am on a meal repalcement (Tesco's version of SlimFast) and they say that because it is a very low calorie diet, my body will go into a starvation mode and then everything I eat or drink will be coverted to fat?!
    But surely if that was the case, everyone who is dieting or cutting down on calories, wouldn't lose weight if the body stores everything as fat?
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  3. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    So long as you follow the diet the way it should be done youll be fine. If its like Slimfast I take it you have a meal with it too?

    Just dont do something like take purely these shakes. Only ones like CD and LL are safe to do with no food at all, as they provide all the nutrients you need.
  4. Deb G

    Deb G Silver Member

    You won't go into starvation mode, but your metabolic rate will drop by about 10%. When you start eating again you will up your metabolic rate by 10% again (but by then you'll be MUCH smaller, so you will be using less calories anyway!).

    You'll put yourself into starvation mode if you don't take the recommended amount of packs, OR if you dramtically increase your exercise far in excess of what you would normally be doing. Just make sure the meal replacements have everythign you need to live!

    Hope that helps!
  5. CoCo

    CoCo Full Member

    Thanks for your replies. On the Tesco version of Slimfast you have 2 shakes a day and a usual meal, so it's the same as SF, just tastes better than SF,lol!
  6. Busybee

    Busybee Silver Member

    Just curious CocO, where can you find information on this diet, is it on the tesco's website?
    thanks for your help
  7. CoCo

    CoCo Full Member

    Hi, not sure if it's on the website. I went in Tesco's to get Slimfast and saw the Tesco's own Ultra Slim. It's the same as Slimfast, replace 2 meals with a shake, but reading the box properly it doesn't say have snacks it says to have another shake as a snack, so it is a bit different to SF regarding snacks. And it's low GI, whatever that means.
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  8. Lynn8124

    Lynn8124 Gold Member

    Hi Coco, just wanted to wish you luck with your diet. :) I think the Low GI means lower carb which is another difference to SF as it's full of carbs lol.

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