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Is this unhealthy or anything?

I realise that I've grown to like eating the powder of the CD meals. I know this sounds gross but when I mix it into a drink it always does finish ever so quickly and if I take it in a powder form, I can sit in front of the TV and just wile away the hours with just one packet cos i can take it little by little, and i really like the taste when it dissolves on your tongue.

I know it's strange and all, and I was wondering if it's bad or anything? I mean, the calorie value and everything will still be the same right? I don't exactly EAT the powder, just put a little on my tongue each time and let it dissolve. its reduces that feeling of being on a 'strict diet' cos i think in a weird way, you feel as if you're indulging in junk food (sans the extra calories). You know, the whole sittin in front of the telly, with a pack in hand...

Lol. I can see so many of you out there scruncing up ur faces in disbelief at the moment..

So embarassed.. :hide:
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Well it does sound a little bit strange but on this crazy diet I say go for whatever gets you through. Maybe just have one pack a day like this though.

However you MUST MUST MUST make sure you are having plenty of water to drink so for every pack you eat this way have an extra glass of water.

(Jac wanders off to consider if the strawberry pack would taste like a sherbert fountain mmmmmmmm)


Gone fishing
Interesting question. All my time on various forums and I've never seen anyone ask this:clap:

It sounds yummy to me :D I always prefered most drink powders before they've had liquid added. Never thought to try it with Cambridge.

As jacsprat said. Watch out for your fluid intake, but otherwise I can't see a problem myself. Wonder what the official line is.


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Make sure you drink extra water though at least the amount you would have used to make up the pack.
If it stops you from cheating then I say go for it.....unless a cdc comes along and says otherwise.
yep, your right, I am screwing my face up. Yuck I cant think of anything worse, but if it gets it down ??:D lol.
Like evryone says just drink the extra water you would mix with it.


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hee hee LOL you must have seen my face scrunched up hun :D ha haa

Like everyone else says... go for it and don't forget your water. I may even try it myself cos I HATE the packs.....:eek:
Must agree with Karion and say this is the first time I've come across this - and don't know any of my clients who do it!

I use to make my shakes up with a tiny amount of water and eat - like a cake mix consistency ... but always drank with half a pint of water.

Can't see any reason why you can't do it ... do you do it with every pack?? Just drink plenty of water ...... oh and jump up and down so it's well mixed in your stomach!!!!
It is absolutely fine to do it that way BUT you must must take in extra water to allow for this.

I would recommend a pint of water before you start and a pint after but no reason you can't do it with just the powder.

Hi ya, :):)

I dont think it's strange at all, just totally bonkers (Only joking):D:D. I think as long as you are consuming all the contents within that day and drinking extra water then I think thats fine. The only thing I will say is becareful if you put to much powder in your mouth with out any water as you can easily chock.

I have a guy coming to me who is a lorry driver who one day didn't have any water to mix up the shake. So what did he do. He poured part of the sachet down he's throat like sherbet. He nearly chocked as it took all the moisture out of he's throat and he couldn't swollen. Yes he is fine.

Nick :)
Wow what a different idea - maybe ill have to try this one :)
Now the water flavouring is lovely like this, just like refresher sweets, but the soups, hmmmm!!

What the heck, if it works and the water is going down then go for it x
had to try it out.............

dipped finger in Sunshine orange....awwwwwrghhhhh....just like sour sherbert. the type that when you put it in your mouth, your left eyes scrunches up with the sour taste. my tounge lolls out and i go 'bleurghhhhh'

had to do it again then....
Its true, its just so tingly on the tongue!! I only have a few dabs though, just for the taste sensation!
sometimes i get a choc pack and mix with the tiniest amount of water, so its really thick and gooey. then i lick it off the teaspoon like cake mix. it has a really strong choccy taste when its not so diluted with water
lol.. thanks so much guys.. okay at least i don't feel so weird bout it anymore. and i came up with a better idea as well. as some of you are doing right now, i can probably just add a lil water to make it thick. i'd sure like to try that for my next pack! thanks!!


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