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Is this wrong?


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I always say if I had not become a stay at home mum and continued teaching there's no way I would have had put on the 4st after my mum died. x


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I'm struggling to think of things to do, all my friends have gone out, I know I could have gone with them but I don't think I'm far enough into the diet yet to know I could avoid the temptation of a pint when its right infront of me..
I find it all much easier to do when I'm in work, find it easier to drink the water and it's easier to forget about the whole diet thing in work just due to being constantly busy ---- think I'll have to start putting in 24hr days!
Omg deffo

I've said to people before If I was a stay at home mum I would never have done this diet!!!

Thank gawd for working OUT side!!! It really done me a favour in early Cambridge days!
Yeah i defo agree, but only prob is i do long days say 4-5 in a row then i have 4-5 days off lol so need to find stuff to do?
Any ideas?


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I totally agree - I can stick 100% when I'm at work and drink plenty at work but when I'm at home I tend to avoid the kitchen (which doesn't really work in an open plan house :)) and play on my wii fit a lot.


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Oh my god, I'm completely the opposite!!! If I could have 6 weeks off I could have this weight gone!! Work is one temptation after another, if it's not patients bringing in thank you biscuits, it's medical reps bringing in donuts and cakes and taking us out to lunch. There's a coffee shop that sells gorgeous cakes, scones and biscuits and the canteen food is far from healthy. So work for me is just a minefield of temptation, and I find it really hard to resist when everyone else is tucking into all these goodies.


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i find it easier when i'm at work - particularly with the water intake - i'm terrible when i'm at home unles i constantly carry a pint of water around with me i forget to drink! My games consoles have been my saviour - the time just flies! I go to the gym moste eveings for an hour and I still go down the pub and out clubbing though and am lucky that this time (my third attempt!) i seem to have clicked into the right mind frame and have now done 7 weeks 100% SS so don ;t feel the temptation to drink just have a good time. And of course this forum is now like my right arm! it is all about distractions!
Hi , I find it much easier at work, but in general I'm just really happy to have finally started doing something rather than dreaming about being slim. I still find it hard to believe this will work but I've seen it happen to friends , that's what keeps me going. Good luck . x

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