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Is your class electronic yet?


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Hiya ours is electronic and its really good, quite quick too and accurate.xx


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Ours isn't yet. Next month, so we are told!
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we went electronic three weeks ago and our c loves it! deffiantly looks more professional and its so much quicker. you habve to get used to being on the scales for a minute or so longer for it all to register.. which means when u gain u cant hop off the minute you spot the numbers! lol
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We went electronic 2 weeks ago, honestly it was chaos the first night.:8855:Our C hates it and hasn't got used to the handheld thingy yet, she feels it's a bit impersonal and means the certificates and stickers aren't ready when she starts. I'm sure there's an easy way around that though, she just needs to get used to it. Now if only we could use the card as a debit card 1lb=£1....:D


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Our C has all the bits and pieces for going electronic, but haven't yet.
I'm looking forward to it actually..


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Numpty here - but what is 'electronic'? :confused: Sorry if I'm a bit thick :wave_cry: xx
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It's all going online. You get a credit card type thing to keep with you with a chip which is put in the laptop for all your details. No more pieces of paper that you give to the weigher. The scales now won't even work unless your card is in the reader thingy (I'm so technical:8855:). Once everyone has weighed the C has a little gadget that does the SOTW calculations, people's losses ect.

Basically it means everything goes straight to SWHQ so is more reliable. I guess this is why they do it. It will also make it much easier to attend different groups I imagine because all your details will just come up on the screen even if they haven't seen you before.


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oh good as I joined last week but need to go to a different class this week so hopefully they r electronic too.


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we are, although my group was when i joined (4 weeks ago today lol) i think its all pretty fast, our C then can see everyones losses and gain on one screen which i guess makes it quicker when going round the room in IT?


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We've been electronic for quite a few weeks now.

It's so much faster!!
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oh good as I joined last week but need to go to a different class this week so hopefully they r electronic too.

It might be worth checking. I'm not sure how it works without and actually when I asked my C about going to a different group she said she assumed it would be ok if they're electronic too but she wasn't entirely sure how it worked so it may be wrong. She said she'd find out this week so still waiting to hear. I hope it works that way anyway.:)
As with all systems there are teething problems. But once everything is running smoothly, there are advantages and disadvantages.

For the members it is easier - you present your card at the paying desk and the system knows if you have a countdown, or if you owe back fees, etc. Once you have paid you go to be weighed and the results go into the computer, which calculates what you have lost/gained, any awards that you have gained, who is slimmer of the week/month, etc.

All the information goes into a hand-held device called a PDA. When the weighing is finished, the PDA is given to the consultant, who uses it, instead of the usual paperwork, for image therapy.

When the consultant goes home, instead of hours of paperwork, she can just upload all the information to the SW main computer which calculates how much money she receives from the class revenue, overall gains and losses, and all the other statistical information.

Initially, the consultant has a LOT of work to do in learning how to use the system, setting it up and registering a card for each member, training her paying and weighing people, and explaining it to the members. This is offset against the huge savings in time after each class (if you don't know a consultant well, you won't have realised how much paperwork there is!!). There is also the advantage of all the calculations being automatic.

There are some disadvantages too. The SW rules about holidays, shifts, back fees, etc., will have to be strictly applied. If your consultant has been lenient in certain circumstances, that will stop. Some consultants feel that the system takes away some of their autonomy, which is true, but most seem to think that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Also, if someone comes in very late, they will have to wait until the consultant has finished with the PDA and image therapy is over, before they can get weighed.

What I would say is this - when your group changes to the new system, PLEASE be patient while everyone gets to grip with it. There will be glitches to start with, it is to be expected, but once everyone is used to it then I think you will see the benefits.


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My class has been electronic for a while now, and while it doesn't make IT any quicker, it does make weigh in quicker and less to carry over to the scales.

But as has been said when your class goes electronic be prepared for teething problems and glitches. When our class went electronic there was a notice asking people to remove their coats, shoes etc., before they got to the scales to save time - that didn't last long!!!


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yep we are electronic...its been 7 weeks since i joined and they have been ever since,all runs smoothly.

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