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Is your partner supportive?


is loving the soup?!
For those with significant others...how have they responded to your choice to do LT?

I have to say my hubby has been a tower of strength for all my weight loss efforts over the years. When I first brought up LT, he was absolutely horrified. He still doesn't like the idea, secretly, but when I announced my determination to do it, he threw himself behind me 100 per cent. I am actually kind of surprised!
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Mine has been supportive - i thought he might be alarmed at me not eating but he has seen that it works - when i stick to it - i'm the one finding it hard and he's the one encouraging me to carry on!
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Well I have rambled on about it for the last few days and he doesnt like the idea of it either. I think he's just scared I'll looking really good in a few months and then he'll feel like he has to lose some weight himself. Ive done loads of diets of the past and Im such a yo-yo dieter that he doesnt really pay much attention. Im sure he'll be giving me loads of attention when I get to my goal weight - wink, wink!!!
my husband's 6 ft 4 and is built like a racing snake so at 5 ft 2 and over 15 stone i feel like a barrel next to him - no wonder he's encouraging me!!


is loving the soup?!
He will! And you could be an inspiration to him too! I was much heavier a year and a half ago, and my hubby and I had been worried about our health for ages. In the end, my starting gave him the boost he needed. He quit smoking and got fit...of course, now he has been at his goal for ages, which is actually rather annoying : )
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My Oh was actually the one who discovered Lt and did it last year -losing 2 and half stone in effectively 4 weeks!. He is very supportive even tho we were meant to start together and he hasn't quite hit the ground running yet! He is great.

The downside is, when we're both weak we both cave! And one of us always knows when the other is weak and can play on it. This time we've had to be really open. honest and careful. BUT THIS TIME WE DO IT!!


a new way of living!
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keith is very supportive, he pays for my LT! god love him.


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BF is very supportive he understands my desperation and keeps saying how proud he is of me, and because I'm not snacking on junk he's not either and is very pleased with that too.
my hubby is very supportive always telling me how proud he is and telling me how good i am sticking with it plus my hubby pays for LT and i have changed my outlook to food gone are quick meals and treats i have been cooking from scratch good healthy meals my hubby and kids are loving it plus my hubby is looking great on his new eating plan...jenni
Awww. am I the only single one here...lol...will have to go out and get a man, just so I can answer this thread...hee!:p :p
On a serious note.... hey after losing all my weight, I might actually find the confidence to go out on a date...!!!
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When I did CD last year, the OH wasnt at all impressed but supported me 100% and 2 weeks into it, he got so jealous of my weightloss he started it with me!

And although he was very reluctant to do LT with me (he admits he was in denial about his weight gain) he's still stuck with me 100% and I couldnt do it without him!
My Oh has been fantastic, he put up with my moods, as at the start I had just quit smoking, and he decided he would start LT too, hes now in his 2nd week :giggle:

He also has started calling me skinny as he has never seen me this slim before, and I think he knows just how serious I am with my walking and all, he will be coming on my walks at weekends too :D
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I'd love to say yes to this but as J and I aren't even speaking at the moment due to a careless comment about LT on his part I can't. He has his moments but generally calls me moody and miserable if I'm having a bad day and Tuesday night said my fear of gaining weight was weird and 'eating disordered'. So... I'm shunning him until he apologises.
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I had to explain all the technicalities to my bf before he came round.. but then he kept asking me about it 24/7 so i felt like he was so determined for me to do it as he thought i was incredibly fat.. that i dont let him mention it anymore lol
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In the early weeks my wife was very good in that she wouldnt prepare or eat food in front of me. After 4-weeks she could see the weight I was losing and decided to start LT he5rself. Which helped me, and made her realise what I had been going through. Trouble is, I am just about ready to come off LT now, my end goal is in sight, but she still has 3-4 weeks to go, so I am having to stay on as she would find it very difficult to be doing TFR on her own.


is loving the soup?!
awww that is very good of you!
ah bless - I'm so impressed. x x
no - nuff said
my hubby is very supportive. he tells me all the time how proud he is of me. if i'm ever having a bad day, he would NEVER let me cheat, he goes on about what clothes i wanna wear and that to put me off! lol

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