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Is your relationship making you fat?


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Before I started CD, I looked into LL, but because the meetings were not going to take place for weeks, I didnt pursue it, and am very glad now.. However, I still get the online newsletters, and I found this one quite interesting!!!

Is your relationship making you fat?

This month I’m looking at how being in a relationship is not always great for your weight loss programme, and at solutions to the problems that can cause.

We all know that being in a comfortable and happy relationship helps you feel at ease with your looks and your body.

But is this necessarily a good thing for your weight and wellbeing?

According to a US medical journal, married people officially weigh more than those who’ve never been hitched. Take a look at some of these common causes of marital flab and how to avoid piling on the pounds.

Feeling secure in a relationship can cause you to slip up and increase your snacking. Why not agree with your partner not to have crisps, chocolate, or biscuits in the house? Also, try to eat a healthy breakfast together to start the day – cereal or fruit and yogurt are great alternatives to a fry up.

Eating man-sized portions is a mistake us women sometimes make while serving up dinner. Remember that a woman’s serving, on average, should be around 20 per cent smaller than a man’s. A meat portion should be no more than a size of a pack of cards, and a carb serving the size of your fist. Don’t forget to serve dinner for the both of you…if he does it, he may well give you too much!

If he doesn’t eat ‘rabbit food’, then it’s time to compromise. Maybe grill instead of frying and cook oven chips instead of chip shop chips. If he won’t budge, then eating separately may be the answer. Ask for your partner’s support; it’s not fair if he teases you about the food which he can eat and you can’t.

Not exercising enough or not having time to exercise can be a problem if you have children. Try to get your partner to join in with you or spend weekends as a family taking part in fun activities such as swimming or cycling. If he doesn’t want to, why not ask him to baby sit why you go to a class?

Having your partner prefer the larger lady does not help your situation if you are trying to lose those few extra pounds. Does he genuinely like cuddly women or is he slightly insecure and possibly worried he may lose you if you get slim and gain confidence? Explain that you want to feel better for you and nobody else.

So, keep your weight loss goals firmly in mind and take continuous action to control your weight, whether you’re in a relationship or single. That way you will find it easier to reach your target.
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now got pictures in album
and p.s. - my relationship DIDNT MAKE ME FAT!! LOL


Mistress of the Dark
these make me laugh sometimes. i KNOW i put on loads of weight when i started seeing my OH but it wasn't the relationship that made me fat, it was me stuffing my face!!! x


now got pictures in album
and you should see the woman (LLC) who sent it out!! Maybe she should read what she writes hahaha (another reason I didnt start the class but dont tell anyone) :p


Mistress of the Dark
lol!!! i find it's so easy to blame being overweight due to overeating on an outside factor but it's only us who puts food in our mouths!!! x
LOL when I met my hubby I was over 18 stones, we married 9 months later and I am now 10 stone 5lbs, so I would say ..........no a relationship doesn't make you fat!


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No my relationship didn't make me fat...... Getting pregnant & shovelling as much food I could cram into my face did!!

I think it's a bit of a pathetic newsletter to be honest!


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Feeling secure in a relationship can cause you to slip up and increase your snacking.

I like that bit. So if your husband is a lying cheating scumbag & you feel insecure, then you'll be thin..... Best get rid of my securities & my loyal loving fiance then. Otherwise I may never be thin... lol
hmmmm let me think what made me fat.... was it the relationship? YES the 1 i had with food! i loved food and food loved me but no-one else is to blame except ME 100%
well im not in a relationship.... and im still fat... so whats my excuse lol...
erm....I was a size 14/16 when I met my Oh but within 6 months I was a size 20. Why? when single I ate when I was hungry and missed a meal if I had over indulged during the day. I monitored what I ate. As soon as I met hubby I cooked every night and ate what he ate. It obviously wasnt his fault, but I felt I needed to feed him everyday. Since I have been doing CD I have only cooked for him a couple of times. He now buys his own food and choses what he wants to eat every day. He actually seems really happy with that arrangement and he has lost a few pounds as well! lord knows what I am going to do about cooking arrangements when I am back on food, but I know there will have to be changes, cos this weight loss thing is a long term plan
Nope, mine was tgetting pregnant and shovelling in as much as possible and then comfort ate to get over the **** job i was in and being unhappy in geneal.

My husband has been a great support and loves me for me and i was over 18 stone a few months ago.


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I was just under 9st when hubby and I met and am now 12st 12lbs. I stayed 9st until I quit smoking which is when I went up to 10st then when I was pregnant I ate everything I could get my hands on, thats what made me fat :sigh:
i'm soooooo lucky cos my chap is quite weight conscious and worries about his 'love handles' (i love em think they are dead cute... but of course i deny that they exist) so when i'm really tempted to eat i go in the fridge and the most exciting thing is a muller corner.....so i don't bother!!!! thank god he's not into crisps not sure i could resist them!

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