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Is your relationship making you fat?

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I do think that relationships can make you fat in two ways (very broad brush):

1. being with someone enables you to exhale and not worry so much about things.

2. eating the same amounts of food as your partner.

As I said it's a very broad brush. I haven't had a proper relationship for over 8 yrs now so this is all from seeing what has happened to people Iknow.
Probably yes (im a fishing widow), but not anymore, Im taking responsibility for what I put in my mouth, so from now on only ME can make my self fat.
I did not even think I knew, until now it is over. I was with him for 8 years and I think I eat and got fat because I was depressed. It is quite scary how someone can have such an effect on your life.

Are you ok? You have "worried" as your mood.
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defintely i think its because ya end up being comfortable with them and not having to worry about meeting anyone else.


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omg yes its his fault!!!! lol ... i thick once u get all snuggerly and comfy u do let go a bit... in comes the wine.. the take outs .. and my hubby loves 2 feed me up bless him xx
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I know that my last relationship contributed to my weight problem, when I was losing weight he'd say yeah ok but you have a long way to go - that kind of comment hurt my feelings as I was trying hard so nearly always when he made nasty comments I'd comfort myself with food and alcohol.


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bunnyCD - I just looked at your pics, you've done amazingly! (Also I do think you look really like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas now.....sorry if you're offended by that, but I think she's very pretty!)

I gained most of my weight in just 6 months when I was in a really unhealthy relationship that emotionally scarred me for years after - so yes I do think OHs can influence weight gain!
Nearly all gone now though! :)
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nearly there!! :)
i dont feel it was his fault but do realise i ate the way a lad does!! cause while i was doing ww id have eaten all my points then if he came home and said "want something in the chinese" id think agh what the feck and have one!!

ps bunny just looked at ur pics and god u look amazing!!
have u been left with saggy skin? u dont look like it but its hard to believe how good u look xxx
my ex contributed to my weight problem, i was slim before he came on the picture.
i was depressed so i eat for comfort.
and he was emotionally abusive, he didnt make me feel good, which made me belive i wasnt worth looking after myself.
if i would attepmt to diet he would get angry and kid me into believeing i didnt need to change, he thought that i would get more attention and leave him if i lost weight which is why he wanted me to be fat.

dont listen to your partner if they say your okay, when you know your not.

you are important and your happyness is imperative. you do what you feel is best for you. hes out of your life, so learn from the experience and start making yourself feel good. dont let him get to you anymore. think; strength, possitivity, proud.
I certainly think it can make a difference. Both my husband and I are classed as morbidly obese and we certainly don't help each other - if one person is motivated, the other easily persuades the other to eat. It's hard for me doing CD as hubby is eating such crap in front of me - most of the time I can ignore it, but it's not easy! I managed to lose 4.5 stone on slimming world when I was single. When I met hubby I put on all of that weight and more and it's been a constant battle for the last 6+ years to lose it - it's only now that I am on CD that I feel confident I can do it!


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Mine is one of those who can eat everything and anything and not gain weight! He never says or said I am too big tho and is very supportive.

Saying that, last weekend when we went to his Parents (he lives with them at the mo whilst he is at work abroad) he got a big french stick there for me & his Dad went to get me some ham as they didnt have any. The thing is, my Man knew I shouldn't have bread as it's full of carbs but said "a little wont hurt" and cut it off for me! G'ah, I know he meant well as I can't go over there much and he likes to spoil me but that really did not help - I did even say no :S

Anyway this weekend he's been completely different and not put temptation infront of me or anything!


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hmm, yes, I do think they are linked - me and my ex were together for 12 years - we gradually put weight on when we were together, lost some, then put it back on again... now we have seperated, I weigh the same, or even a bit less than I did when I met him...

I think part of the problem initially was that we both liked food, and enjoyed cooking and eating... however. as time went on I think it became more about me not caring about how I looked, about becoming quite depressed and down in the dumps, and the relationship becoming increasingly stressful and unhappy... I feel that I have a new start now, but I'm very sad that some years were wasted...

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